Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, prep week is over and monday is coming. Then VBS will be upon us! At 8:10 in the morning, which is much, much too early for a summer morning, but what can you do? For any of you who don't know, that stands for Vacation Bible School. Our church does one every year. Well, it used to be Sunshine Summer Day Camp, which was one million times better, especially since at that point we were young enough to be campers instead of leaders, but that was vetoed by the powers-that-be, and VBS came into play instead. This year it's New York themed, being called specifically the Big Apple Adventure. Usually, we do some sort of tree theme. Wow, saying it like that, it sounds really boring. What I mean is, we have some sort of jungle or forest-type theme. Like last year, we did the Baobab blast. This is a baobab tree:

and this;

and this!

Hey, look! An elephant. Anyhow, baobab trees can be found in Africa. Only there, I'm pretty sure. So we had an African-type theme, and it was awesome. But I digress. Let me get to the point (do I hear cheering? hmph.). The point is, since we do so many tree-and-outdoor-related themes, we never have to make or buy many decorations, because all the previous ones are just stored down in the basement and are re-usable. But we've never done a big city theme (i've got to stop using that word, it's starting to annoy) before, so we had to make all-new decorations and such. IT WAS SO MUCH WORK!! not that we didn't do our fair share of slacking, as usual. but still. Well, we can just hope that the decorations hold, and that the kids like them. It is, after all, for the kids. ;)


I had actually saved and posted the blog after writing the above, but I came back when I realized I forgot to mention something, namely, THE INCREDIBLEY ANNOYING SONGS THAT FOR SOME REASON UNKNOWN TO MAN, WE WERE FORCED TO REHEARSE FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!!! gaaahhhh!!!!!! Part of me (make that just about ALL of me) wants to toss up my hands and yell, "Who cares?!?!? They're just VBS songs!! They don't need to be perfect!! Not even close!!" But a teeny tiny fraction of me knows that it's good to know what you're doing in advance. Still. An hour and a half? To rehearse actions to short little kids songs? Please. But, ignore my rant, brought on by fatigue and frustration. The songs are actually not bad, and I'm sure the kids will enjoy them, as well as the actions for them. Like I said before, it's for the kids! ;)


  1. "Bi-bi bi-bi BIG APPLE ADVENTURE!"
    bah, I know how you feel. Oh btw, did Dessy tell you about the lyrics we made up for Love you more? It goes like this:

    I love you more than chicken wings
    I love you more than my diamond rings (bought with my Daddy's credit card)
    I love you more than my gorgeous face
    I love you more than time and space

    CHORUS blah blah blah sing sing sing

    I love you more than Holataco
    I love you more than that bimbo
    I love you more than my whole house
    I love you more than my spouse

    Bahahahhaa, good times, good times. As for the singing, grin and bear it I suppose:P

  2. P.S. Also, one of the verses had I love you more than goldfish crackers, I love you more than firecrackers!

    P.P.S. I think I forgot some of the lyrics:P

  3. P.P.P.S. when you said it's for the kids, it made me think of:

    "It's for the kids, Bob"

  4. Destiny Diddlesworth15 August, 2011

    hahahhaa oh Sunny. Our version is EPIC-er, but the dreaded Robin said we can't sing our version tomorrow! D: Depressing!

    but interesting post, Kote(:

  5. HA!! :P lol guys. and thx, Des. :)


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