Saturday, August 27, 2011

Since you probably missed it. . .

Ok, so if you go back a couple posts, you'll see one that wasn't there when it says it was. Let me explain. On Friday, I started a post, but I was interrupted, and didn't finish it until today, Saturday. But it was still posted under the "Friday" timestamp (see, if you look above the top-right corner of this post, you'll see a date and a time in a little balloon? that thing.) Even tho I finished the post today, it acted like i finished it fri. My point is, go back and read it? Please? Yes, I know, it's a burden. But, as Dessy would say,


If you weren't aware, that is a quote from a Julian Smith video, Rendevous with You. If you don't know who Julian Smith is, don't feel too bad. I didn't either, until recently. Basically, he's a guy who is paid to make weekly videos on YouTube. His videos can be weird (make that really weird), but they're still funny. :D

But back to my point. Read the post, please? Genius needs recognition. lol jk, but crazy, insane people need appreciation, or they really go nuts. ;) So, if you value your chocolate milk, READ THE POST! If you're lactose intolerant, fine. I'll let you off the hook. But everyone else--!



*poof back*

btw, the title starts out "Epic Facts. . ."

*poof away again*

1 comment:

  1. Destiny Diddlesworth27 August, 2011

    oh Dakotaaaa, you just make me chuckle! :P I'll read it, because I loooove my chocolate milk!

    jk, I love your posts too! :D ♥


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