Friday, August 26, 2011

Popular Posts

This is random (but by now that shouldn't suprise you), but I was looking at the Popular Posts section of the sidebar and, I know I've mentioned this before, it doesn't give which posts we like best (b/c really, how should it know?), it just gives the posts with the most comments. Anyway, instead of posting some faves like I did last time I mentioned this dilemma, I'm just going to list for you what they are. The Popular Posts, I mean. The sidebar shows four (tho I changed it to five, hehe) posts, but it can show up to ten. so I expanded it all the way just to see what they all were. And, in order, here they are.

101st post -- by me.

100th post -- by Sunny.

How I feel -- by Dessy.

Again -- by me.

I haven't blogged in like ever p.s. it's Canada Day -- by Sunny.

We no speak Americano ft. Cleary and Harding -- by Sunny.

FYI and the visit (with a touch of Reader's Digest) -- by me.

The Pussy -- by me.

The Book -- by me.

Cheswick -- by me.

And there you have it!! As Tigger would say; "TTFN! Ta-ta for now!"

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