Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Week in Pictures: Part Uno

So this week my grandparents came down, and helped my sister paint her room. Since I'm lazy (or as Dessy would say, a lazy butt!), and take too many pictures, I'm going to show you some visuals (pretty impressive word for this time of day...night? Ack, who knows anyways, back to the sentence) about what we did this week, instead of writing it all out. Besides, who doesn't like creeping other people's pictures? he he he...

kk, so monday, boring. Tuesday we went to Farmer's Market (p.s. that's where we're going for Kote's birthday!:D:D)
There was an old man busking:
We tipped him, he was awesome!
There was a lot of cool stuff at the market, and then there was this:
This is pretty self explanatory. EPICNESS!!!!
Jane told me to take this picture, b/c it says "Straight up-just coffee" which she thought was funny.

There was a book stall! Be still my heart...

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