Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last night, on our way home from a location I will not divulge here (lol just kidding, it was the chiropractor, or however you spell it.), we passed Norris Bakery. First of all, that makes me think of CHUCK NORRIS, and secondly, the delicious smells wafting (ooo, good word!) from within make me want to open my own bakery. Weird? maybe. Impulsive? definitely. Unrealisitc? not necessarily. Except for the fact that I'd have to get up early to make muffins and stuff so people who stop in for breakfast will have fresh things to eat. Like bagels! :D Hmm. Maybe Dessy will open one with me! Because we like to bake, even tho we sorta FAIL sometimes. And Dessy is an early riser (earlier than me and sunny, anyway.). But I think Dessy wants to follow in the pharmacutical footsteps of her mother, and that's good, too. But I think making cookies would be more fun. ;D

Actually, even tho opening a bakery might be awesome, I'd much rather travel the world. I've always liked going different places, seeing new things. I have what some people the "travel bug," or, "wanderlust." Either way, I don't relish the thought of staying in the same place my entire life. For some reason, Europe appeals to me the most, although, I guess that's not so strange. But I don't really feel the need to visit the tropics for some reason, tho. hmm. Ah, well.

Yum!! On a completely random note, I just had some DE-LICIOUS apple juice! :D :9

Anyhow, now that you have been made aware of my life's goals and ambitions (well, just one. but still), I will go and. . . . .I have no idea. I'm actually really bored. Hmm. . . . .


  1. Oh Kote, I would run away to Europe with you. Ok, I just realized how sketchy that sounded. Not in the romantic sense, OF COURSE!! But it would certainly be inspiring...

    As for a bakery, I don't think I could handle the early mornings:P

  2. lol no, you probably couldn't. I MIGHT be able to, but then again, maybe not. :P ;) lol

    and yes, it would be inspiring. :D

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth26 August, 2011

    HAHHAHAHA! Sunny I loved that: "Oh Kote, I would run away to Europe with you. Ok, I just realized how sketchy that sounded."
    It DID sound SUUUUUUUPER sketchy! XD but...we really need to get our minds out of the gutter! ;P

    And as for you Kote, when you wrote about me, that made me smile. Just your wording is epic and all! :P For the record, I WOULD open a bakery with you! We need a NAME FOR IT THOUGH!

  4. about. . . . . Supersock Bakery! lol jk. who would buy bread from a bakery with socks in the name? ummm.....Herb! Herb's Bakery. :D or........oo! Sisters! Sisters of the Heart Bakery. ^_^ lol idk what the heck i'm talking about. do YOU have any name suggestions? ;)


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