Friday, August 26, 2011

20 Random Facts about Yours Trulyyyy! (:


There is going to be a looot of posts from today...but that's okayyy! (poet).

We did something similar to this awhile back...I think last year, so I thought we could do it again! This is when we each do 10-15 random facts/quirks about ourselves, just to enlighten you guys and each other!

I thought we should do this again, so that's why I'M going first. haha, actually no. I am going first cuz Kote's doing something else atm, and Sunny isn't online to hear my idea. But if she looks at the blog, she'll see this, and do hers! :D


1: I drink pop, chocolate milk, smoothies, iced capps and frappicinos with a straw. I feel really weird if I'm not drinking them with a straw. If I drink regular milk with a straw, THAT is weird too!
2: I like having my picture taken...that sounds really vain, but I'm being truthful here! AM I VAIN!??! AAAAAAAH...
3: Some people think that I'm an open book, so to speak, but I keep a lot of things stored up inside because I feel like I'm burdening people with unnessessary (fail spelling) things. I have a lot of things that no one knows about me.
4: I have a HUUGE fear of; spiders, rollercoasters, injuries, heights, throwing up, needles and gory stuff! I just tried to think of some injury things, and shuddered!
5: I have braces and they aren't too bad when they're not hurting, but I feel really nauseous when I think of the orthodontist changing the elastics and's just really gross!
6: I always sing to myself...out loud or in my head, depending on where I am.
7: I dream of being a singer or becoming famous someday. It kind of seems like a kiddish dream, but that doesn't stop me from thinking of it!
8: I really want to go onto Canada's Got Talent..or Canadian Idol.
9: It annoys me sooo much when people randomly swear! It's like "that sentence didn't NEED a swear word in it!" And I also don't like when songs, books, movies, TV shows etc. have swearing either!
10: I am a Miley Cyrus fan. I am not a fan of her recent behaviour, but I am a fan of some of the things she's done in the past!
11: My biggest inspirations would probably be; Bethany Hamilton...uhhh (I just blanked!)..well, mostly her! But I DO have others!
12: I have some random songs on my iPod that I hate and don't even listen to...I should delete those!
13: I think people must get annoyed when I type something then put.....and start writing more! I DO IT SO MUCH AND I CAN'T STOP, but peeps must hate it!
14: I thought it would be sooo hard to find 10-15 things to say, but this was suprisingly easy!
15: My family and friends mean sooo much to me! I think I would be a totally different person without some of my friends!

I'm gonna keep going cuz I have a few more!

16: I am OBSESSED with America's Got Talent! I'm Canadian, but AGT is the BOMB!
17: Other than AGT, I'm not a massive TV watcher.
18: I can get jealous really easily sometimes... $;
19: I can't stay mad at my friends for long...if they are really good friends! I'm just not like that! 20: If I am mad or upset with a friend, I usually don't show it because I don't want them to feel bad! :P
21: Really good songs can really pump me up and make me happy!
aaaaaaaaaand 22: I used to looove Facebook, but now I'm more of a Twitter fanatic! $; heh...

That's all from me for now!



  1. @ #2 - naaah. ;) some people just love the camera! :D

    @ #3 - Lay 'em on me, baby! ok, that sounded odd, but you know what i mean! i'm here for ya, girl!

    @ #4 - except for the rollercoasters (which i love! :D ) i'm right there with ya. :S

    @ #7 - go for it!

    @ #9 - AARRRGH me too!

    @ #13 - i'm not annoyed. i do that too! :P :D

    Thanks for enlightening us, Dessy! :D <3

  2. This is me trying to come up with a better comment than Kote:P

    P.S. People who are open books are boring, lol.

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth27 August, 2011

    @Kota; haha love your comments! I knew you'd agree on #9!(; and thanks for the support and love! and your comment for #3 DID sound just a liiiiiittle odd! :P

    @Sunny; I hate to say, but Kota beat you there! ;P and btw, you told me in Sarnia that you thought I was an open book...juuust sayin'(:

  4. @ Dessy, ouch. Way to put my foot in my mouth:P Srry bout that...I love you Dessy, open book or not!


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