Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quotes, Link(s), Raaaaandomness!

yada, yada, yaaaaaaaaada...why am I always listening to music when I'm blogging...!?!?!? SIMPLE; I'm cool like that!

that is all.


okaaaayy, so I used to be one of those anti-Twitter peeps , but now I have Twitter and I looove it! I have a personal one, meaning it isn't for my blog, so Y'ALL CAN'T HAVE IT! *laughs evilly*...riight. ANYWHO, I got it on April 25th, 2011, I believe and I currently have 1,855 tweets. I'm a crazy tweeter, what can I say?! I won't deny it! pardon me while I eat some freezie..and dance creepily in my seat to some music.
I'm going to read y'all some tweets that I have re-tweeted, as it's called. It means that people tweet the thing, and you re-tweet it cuz you think it's epic..or something like that(: I have re-tweeted all these ones cuz I think they're; inspiring, cool, or I agree with them! so here I go!

This bunch will be from @RelatableQuote;

-I don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends I can be certain of.
-Sometimes God pushes us to our limits. It's because he has greater faith in us than we have in ourselves
-"I'm hungry..." "Didn't you just eat?" "Yeah... so?"
(this part is from me; not the tweet) ^^^^that is the story of my life pretty much ;P
-Loving someone and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
-The awkward moment when you wake up before your friend at their house and have no idea what to do to pass time until they wake up.
-A relationship with God is the most important relationship you can have.
-That awkward moment when you take a bite of your pizza and you accidentally take off the whole layer of cheese ♥
-that awkward moment when you spell the word correctly but it just looks so wrong, so you just stare at it forever.
-Being single doesnt mean you are weak, it means your strong enough to wait for what you deserve.
-That awkward moment when you really want to text someone, but you have nothing to talk about...
-I'd rather hear the ugly truth, than a beautiful lie.
-Dear Sleep, I'm sorry I hated you when I was little, but now I can't get enough of you! Sincerely, Me
-Life is like a scary movie. We never really know when the scary parts are coming so we just have to stay strong & be ready to face them
-that awkward moment when you do a math problem, and your answer isn't even one of the choices.
-That awkward moment you flush the toilet in the middle of the night and it’s the loudest sound in all the universe.
-When I hear myself eating crunchy food, I wonder if people can hear it too.

and here's one more I just re-tweeted now! :P
-Never hate people who are jealous of you but Respect their jealousy because they're the ones who think that you're better than them.

Those are pretty much ALL of the tweets I've re-tweeted from @RelatableQuote. AREN'T THEY JUST SOOOOOO RELATABLE?!??!!? I love them! :P

aaaaalso, for awhile, after each of my posts on here I'll post a random fact (or 2 or 3 or more) about me, because after I posted the random facts post yesterday, I had SOOO many facts pop into my head! :P

xo, Destiny♥

1; I ALWAYS have my fingernails painted! They're not always perfect, but they always have paint on them, unless I've just removed the old paint.
2; The only movies I've cried in are "The Last Song" and "Soul Surfer". Those are 2 of my fav movies.
3; I wish that I could be a more serious person, sometimes. There are certain people who I wish would take me seriously, but they just don't! /:

P.S. Have you watched Psych!? I haven't seen a lot of it, but this video (with clips from it) always makes me laugh!

Since you probably missed it. . .

Ok, so if you go back a couple posts, you'll see one that wasn't there when it says it was. Let me explain. On Friday, I started a post, but I was interrupted, and didn't finish it until today, Saturday. But it was still posted under the "Friday" timestamp (see, if you look above the top-right corner of this post, you'll see a date and a time in a little balloon? that thing.) Even tho I finished the post today, it acted like i finished it fri. My point is, go back and read it? Please? Yes, I know, it's a burden. But, as Dessy would say,


If you weren't aware, that is a quote from a Julian Smith video, Rendevous with You. If you don't know who Julian Smith is, don't feel too bad. I didn't either, until recently. Basically, he's a guy who is paid to make weekly videos on YouTube. His videos can be weird (make that really weird), but they're still funny. :D

But back to my point. Read the post, please? Genius needs recognition. lol jk, but crazy, insane people need appreciation, or they really go nuts. ;) So, if you value your chocolate milk, READ THE POST! If you're lactose intolerant, fine. I'll let you off the hook. But everyone else--!



*poof back*

btw, the title starts out "Epic Facts. . ."

*poof away again*

My Week in Pictures: Part Uno

So this week my grandparents came down, and helped my sister paint her room. Since I'm lazy (or as Dessy would say, a lazy butt!), and take too many pictures, I'm going to show you some visuals (pretty impressive word for this time of day...night? Ack, who knows anyways, back to the sentence) about what we did this week, instead of writing it all out. Besides, who doesn't like creeping other people's pictures? he he he...

kk, so monday, boring. Tuesday we went to Farmer's Market (p.s. that's where we're going for Kote's birthday!:D:D)
There was an old man busking:
We tipped him, he was awesome!
There was a lot of cool stuff at the market, and then there was this:
This is pretty self explanatory. EPICNESS!!!!
Jane told me to take this picture, b/c it says "Straight up-just coffee" which she thought was funny.

There was a book stall! Be still my heart...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Epic Facts About My Epic Self

Wow. This is like the 4th post today! :O that never happens!!! Anyhow, now it is MY turn to bestow upon you unfortunate creatures anywhere from 10-20 random facts about me. ;) lol enjoy.
1- I am almost never offended. Some people, they take the most innocent remark and get all worked up and insulted over it, even though the person who made the remark meant nothing by it. I'm not like that. I never interpret them as insulting, unless the person was intentionally trying to tick me off. Then. . . .

2- I have a very short fuse. It flares up at the drop of a hat, but burns out even faster. Meaning, I'm quick to get angry, but don't stay that way long.

3- I <3 video games. If you know me, or have been following this blog for a while, that won't suprise you in the slightest. But! It is a random fact, and will therefore be mentioned. It (my love of video games) probably comes from the fact that not only do I have no inclination to do anything that involves physical exertion, but also that my dad is a mega-gamer, and has filled the house (with our help, or course!) with, say, 10 systems (not to mention the computer. oh wait, I just did) and hundreds of games. Sad? yes. Lots of fun? most definitely!

4- I want to learn to tap dance, b/c tap dancing is awesome, and I need to get off the couch once in a while. ;)

5- I like to sing, but not infront of people. ;) And I'm only good at it sometimes, othertimes I can never seem to hit the right notes. X)

6- I have a cat that is the softest, fluffiest, cutest thing you will ever see or feel. Ok, maybe not THE cutest. I've seen some pretty cute kittens. But my cat is right up there. And of course, the smaller they are, the cuter they are, and my cat is big. But he's still absolutely adorable!

7- I am a very clean person. If I think my room is messy, my friends still consider it clean. I am sort of a germaphobe. Not exctremely, just a bit. I don't like sitting in other people's cars or on their couches, and most definitely not on their floors. Well, except for the cars, couches, and floors of people with the same or higher standards of cleanliness that I have. ;)

8- When I like a song, I will usually listen to it over and over and over again, until I get sick of it. :P ;)

9- I'm an aunt! :D I (well, me and Wilson. but Wilson's an uncle, not an ant. lol) have two nieces in Alaska, where our half-brother and his wife live. Oh, I guess I should have mentioned this first (look down. . . . . . . .ON the screen, thanks so much).

10- I have a half-brother in Alaska.

11- I really want to go to Scotland, b/c I have ancestry there. Wow, saying it like that makes it sound more impressive than it is. lol. My grandmother (on my dad's side) was born in Scotland, in. . . Paisley? I think so. Anyway, during the second World War, my granddad (yes, still on my dad's side, DUH!), fought on a Destroyer (a ship that targeted submarines specifically, I believe). He met my grandma, Sarah, when they were on shore leave in Scotland. Then, after the War, he brought her back to Canada. :D Ain't love grand? ;)

12- I love rollercoasters! Especially the big drops. Those are my faves. When you go up,up,up,up, then DOOOOOOOOWWWWWNNN screaming all the way!! XD I don't particularily like going upside down, but I can deal with it.

13- I like artsy stuff. Drawing, painting, photos, pottery, dyeing, dancing! What can I say? In another life, I'd probably be a hippie. Not that all artists are hippies, or that all hippies are artists. Just. . . yeah. :P ;) lol

14- I hate bugs. With a passion. They are one of my phobias, and the reason I rarely go outside. Some bugs, I can ignore. Hornets, wasps, even bees? No. I run in terror at the sight of them. And ladybugs are really disgusting. So are moths. Ick!

15- Sometimes I want to watch horror movies, just to see what they'd be like, but I know that if I did, I'd be up every night for a week, with all the lights on and a baseball bat ready to attack any monsters, mobsters, or maniacal maniacs who decided to come try and murder me.

That's all I'll do, for now at least. 15, right smack between 10 and 20. :D Come to think of it, 1 and 2 don't really go together, do they? I guess I'm just complex like that. ;) Well. Now that I've enlightened you with all those delighfully random facts about me, I shall go now, and leave you with a joke.

Q: What do you call a short phsycic that escaped from jail?

A: A small medium at large.


20 Random Facts about Yours Trulyyyy! (:


There is going to be a looot of posts from today...but that's okayyy! (poet).

We did something similar to this awhile back...I think last year, so I thought we could do it again! This is when we each do 10-15 random facts/quirks about ourselves, just to enlighten you guys and each other!

I thought we should do this again, so that's why I'M going first. haha, actually no. I am going first cuz Kote's doing something else atm, and Sunny isn't online to hear my idea. But if she looks at the blog, she'll see this, and do hers! :D


1: I drink pop, chocolate milk, smoothies, iced capps and frappicinos with a straw. I feel really weird if I'm not drinking them with a straw. If I drink regular milk with a straw, THAT is weird too!
2: I like having my picture taken...that sounds really vain, but I'm being truthful here! AM I VAIN!??! AAAAAAAH...
3: Some people think that I'm an open book, so to speak, but I keep a lot of things stored up inside because I feel like I'm burdening people with unnessessary (fail spelling) things. I have a lot of things that no one knows about me.
4: I have a HUUGE fear of; spiders, rollercoasters, injuries, heights, throwing up, needles and gory stuff! I just tried to think of some injury things, and shuddered!
5: I have braces and they aren't too bad when they're not hurting, but I feel really nauseous when I think of the orthodontist changing the elastics and's just really gross!
6: I always sing to myself...out loud or in my head, depending on where I am.
7: I dream of being a singer or becoming famous someday. It kind of seems like a kiddish dream, but that doesn't stop me from thinking of it!
8: I really want to go onto Canada's Got Talent..or Canadian Idol.
9: It annoys me sooo much when people randomly swear! It's like "that sentence didn't NEED a swear word in it!" And I also don't like when songs, books, movies, TV shows etc. have swearing either!
10: I am a Miley Cyrus fan. I am not a fan of her recent behaviour, but I am a fan of some of the things she's done in the past!
11: My biggest inspirations would probably be; Bethany Hamilton...uhhh (I just blanked!)..well, mostly her! But I DO have others!
12: I have some random songs on my iPod that I hate and don't even listen to...I should delete those!
13: I think people must get annoyed when I type something then put.....and start writing more! I DO IT SO MUCH AND I CAN'T STOP, but peeps must hate it!
14: I thought it would be sooo hard to find 10-15 things to say, but this was suprisingly easy!
15: My family and friends mean sooo much to me! I think I would be a totally different person without some of my friends!

I'm gonna keep going cuz I have a few more!

16: I am OBSESSED with America's Got Talent! I'm Canadian, but AGT is the BOMB!
17: Other than AGT, I'm not a massive TV watcher.
18: I can get jealous really easily sometimes... $;
19: I can't stay mad at my friends for long...if they are really good friends! I'm just not like that! 20: If I am mad or upset with a friend, I usually don't show it because I don't want them to feel bad! :P
21: Really good songs can really pump me up and make me happy!
aaaaaaaaaand 22: I used to looove Facebook, but now I'm more of a Twitter fanatic! $; heh...

That's all from me for now!




This is your favourite blogger, Destiny Diddlesworth! If I'm not your favourite..then....that's ok!(: haha, I'm just being weiiiiiiiird...(that's a given).

kso, the point of this post is to write about my good chum, Dakota. You see, this all came about because she was telling me, via MSN, that she was blogging. So I said that I felt like blogging too, but I hadn't the slightest what to blog about. I HATE THAT! Not the fact that I didn't know what to blog about, but that people write "I haven't the slightest...". Shouldn't it be "I haven't the slightest idea"?...Well, I suppose I've seen it both ways. ANYHOW, Dakota gave me a bunch of ideas on what to blog about, and one of them (the first one actually), was her! So I said that I'd actually blog about her. Her reaction? "oh dear. . . .lol jk. ;p "


I'll just say some random facts about her and our friendship because I suddenly don't feel like typing like a mad-woman.

1: Dakota is about to have her birthdaaaay!
2: Dakota used to be really shy, but I think our group of friends at Church (I like to say mostly me), brought her out of her shell.
3: If I'm not at some public place (school, Church, grocery store, etc.) or my house, I'm usually at Dakota's house.
4: Dakota and her brother, Wilson, are like siblings to me.
6: I think that Dakota knows a lot of stuff about me that many others don't know.
8: Her and Wilson make me feel really short! D;
9: hmm....Dakota and I like to be psychotic together!
10: According to Dakota, I'm a "Physchotic-Tea-Drinking-Purple-Angel-Face"..or something
12: We're talking on MSN right now.
13: Dakota hates Facebook, yet she still has an account! ;P
14: Her favourite colour is red.
16: We have lots of AMAZING memories together!

That's all I have to say on Dakota for now!



*runs away from the computer like a mainiac*

Popular Posts

This is random (but by now that shouldn't suprise you), but I was looking at the Popular Posts section of the sidebar and, I know I've mentioned this before, it doesn't give which posts we like best (b/c really, how should it know?), it just gives the posts with the most comments. Anyway, instead of posting some faves like I did last time I mentioned this dilemma, I'm just going to list for you what they are. The Popular Posts, I mean. The sidebar shows four (tho I changed it to five, hehe) posts, but it can show up to ten. so I expanded it all the way just to see what they all were. And, in order, here they are.

101st post -- by me.

100th post -- by Sunny.

How I feel -- by Dessy.

Again -- by me.

I haven't blogged in like ever p.s. it's Canada Day -- by Sunny.

We no speak Americano ft. Cleary and Harding -- by Sunny.

FYI and the visit (with a touch of Reader's Digest) -- by me.

The Pussy -- by me.

The Book -- by me.

Cheswick -- by me.

And there you have it!! As Tigger would say; "TTFN! Ta-ta for now!"

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Last night, on our way home from a location I will not divulge here (lol just kidding, it was the chiropractor, or however you spell it.), we passed Norris Bakery. First of all, that makes me think of CHUCK NORRIS, and secondly, the delicious smells wafting (ooo, good word!) from within make me want to open my own bakery. Weird? maybe. Impulsive? definitely. Unrealisitc? not necessarily. Except for the fact that I'd have to get up early to make muffins and stuff so people who stop in for breakfast will have fresh things to eat. Like bagels! :D Hmm. Maybe Dessy will open one with me! Because we like to bake, even tho we sorta FAIL sometimes. And Dessy is an early riser (earlier than me and sunny, anyway.). But I think Dessy wants to follow in the pharmacutical footsteps of her mother, and that's good, too. But I think making cookies would be more fun. ;D

Actually, even tho opening a bakery might be awesome, I'd much rather travel the world. I've always liked going different places, seeing new things. I have what some people the "travel bug," or, "wanderlust." Either way, I don't relish the thought of staying in the same place my entire life. For some reason, Europe appeals to me the most, although, I guess that's not so strange. But I don't really feel the need to visit the tropics for some reason, tho. hmm. Ah, well.

Yum!! On a completely random note, I just had some DE-LICIOUS apple juice! :D :9

Anyhow, now that you have been made aware of my life's goals and ambitions (well, just one. but still), I will go and. . . . .I have no idea. I'm actually really bored. Hmm. . . . .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


HeLlO fOr ThE sEcOnD tImE!

Sorry if that was hard to read! :P

If you look to your right....NO! your OTHER right!...oooooooon the screen...THERE! You will see a thingy called "Our Favourite Quotes". I put that there because I found some quotes from our blog that are really funny!! Now, Dakota, Sunny and Lydia can add to it whenever they want to, and y'all don't just have to use quotes from the bloggy! They can be from anywhere!

*~*~*For Kota, Sunny and Lydia: if you don't like the Quotes thing, you can delete it!*~*~*


P.S. Check out my other post down beloooooow!

Old Random Blog Posts: June 2010 Edition


Yes, I am here! Destiny is in the HOUSE! "The party don't start til I walk in"...or in this case, til I start bloggin'! XD sorry...that was kinda laaame.

I don't usually post on here because I have nothing super exciting to post about. I was going to write nothing and super at the same time and it came out "nother" :P loooooolz. ANYWHO, if you look back to some recent-ish posts, you will see that it goes; Sunny, Dakota, Sunny, Dakota, Sunny, Sunny, Dakota....etc. (or something like that, I'm just guessing).

Does the title of this post confuse you? Or have you just not read it yet? Either way, I will explain.
As I said before, I never know what to say on this blog. Today I came up with something epic! I was reading some old posts and found something funny and figured, 'why not just copy and paste different funny parts and post them in a bloggy-blog entry!?' SO THAT'S WHAT I'M HERE TO DO TODAY! :D

Here I go:

From "The Book" (posted by Dakota)
'I know why...' Jiggly thought to himself. But he said nothing. They'd find out soon enough. The morons. Jiggly laughed evilly to himself. Then Miggy came over."Hey Jiggly," he said, "why are you laughing evilly?"
"SILENCE, YOU IMBICILE!!" Jiggly bellowed, then slunk off creepily, his legs bent in a position that was a alarmingly difficult to stand in, much less slink in. Miggy stood dumbfounded for a moment, then applauded Jiggly's amazing leg strength. "GIVE IT UP FOR THE SLINKY!!" he shouted. The others cheered and applauded, even tho they had no idea what he was talking about.

From “I…HAVE ARRIVED” (posted by Dakota) -a day without sunshine is like night.
-it's bad luck to be superstitious.
-honk if you like peace and quiet
-i just let my mind wander, and it didn't come back.
-I used to think i was indecisive, but now i'm not so sure.
-no matter where you go, you're there.
-what happens if you're scared half to death twice?
-i didn't use to finish sentences but now I

and my personal favorite...
-i used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out

From “Jus de Fromage” (posted by Dakota) Me: What is your opinion on chicken?
Guppy: A chicken is a flightless bird, stupid and tasty.

From “Random Commando” (posted by Dakota) Wilson is here with me. say hi, Wilson
.....he says hi.

From “10 Random Things about Me” (posted by Dakota)
Me: Am I amazing?
Guppy: All humans seem the same to me.

Hmm.....apparently Guppy was unimpressed. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. You can't please everybody! :D

From the comment’s in “Cat” (posted by yours truly) Sunny: Welcome Sherlock!
Me: haha YES SUNNY!! :P Did you think that I was in Hawaii? ;P I hope not! ;) See yah in Church!
Sunny: im not that stupid:P:P

There you have it! Those were all different funny things from blog posts in June 2010! I went through ALL of the blog can easily see that Dakota is the most humourous (Sorry Sunny!)

And btw, if that "Cat" one didn't make sense, go to June 2010 and read it! :P

Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back at some point doing more of these...if you enjoyed them!


P.S. I actually copied and pasted all of those blog segments into Microsoft Word and then copied them into this post! XD

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Disney's The Emperor's New School

This is the best cartoon (well maybe the best behind Phineas and Ferb!) ever! I just love the humor, maybe it's me, but hey, enjoy.

It's a spin off from the movie The Emperors New Groove. Kuzco, the emperor, has to pass school before he can be the emperor.

P.S. For some stupid reason this video doesn't include the theme song, which is funny also, so here it is!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two of the Best. . . Perhaps

So, I'm sick. Don't worry! It's nothing fatal (don't look so disappointed!! lol), just a cold. Normally when I'm sick, I don't want to do anything electronic b/c the bright screens hurt my eyes. But I'm feeling better now than yesterday, so here I am. And even yesterday, I was feeling ok to watch Beauty and the Beast, a movie that many people agree to be one of the best Disney movies of all time. Although, all the Disney classic cartoons are pretty awesome. Aladdin, the Lion King, the Little Mermaid, Winnie the Pooh!! I also watched Tangled (even tho, at that point, my eyes and head hurt so bad I just listened to the entire thing. Except the lantern scene. I just HAD to watch that part!!), another movie that can be counted as a classic, even tho it was made recently. It's got the epic songs, cute and loveable characters, as well as those characters you just love to hate, a great storyline, and a happy ending!! *siiiiiiigh* I think those two movies have to be two of the best movies ever made. Well, best cartoons, anyway.

Oh yes. Definitely the best.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doe a dear, a female dear....

I've the sudden urge to watch the Sound of Music!

Maybe it's something to do with this awesome poster Kota painted?!

♪I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye.♪

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Well, prep week is over and monday is coming. Then VBS will be upon us! At 8:10 in the morning, which is much, much too early for a summer morning, but what can you do? For any of you who don't know, that stands for Vacation Bible School. Our church does one every year. Well, it used to be Sunshine Summer Day Camp, which was one million times better, especially since at that point we were young enough to be campers instead of leaders, but that was vetoed by the powers-that-be, and VBS came into play instead. This year it's New York themed, being called specifically the Big Apple Adventure. Usually, we do some sort of tree theme. Wow, saying it like that, it sounds really boring. What I mean is, we have some sort of jungle or forest-type theme. Like last year, we did the Baobab blast. This is a baobab tree:

and this;

and this!

Hey, look! An elephant. Anyhow, baobab trees can be found in Africa. Only there, I'm pretty sure. So we had an African-type theme, and it was awesome. But I digress. Let me get to the point (do I hear cheering? hmph.). The point is, since we do so many tree-and-outdoor-related themes, we never have to make or buy many decorations, because all the previous ones are just stored down in the basement and are re-usable. But we've never done a big city theme (i've got to stop using that word, it's starting to annoy) before, so we had to make all-new decorations and such. IT WAS SO MUCH WORK!! not that we didn't do our fair share of slacking, as usual. but still. Well, we can just hope that the decorations hold, and that the kids like them. It is, after all, for the kids. ;)


I had actually saved and posted the blog after writing the above, but I came back when I realized I forgot to mention something, namely, THE INCREDIBLEY ANNOYING SONGS THAT FOR SOME REASON UNKNOWN TO MAN, WE WERE FORCED TO REHEARSE FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF!!!!! gaaahhhh!!!!!! Part of me (make that just about ALL of me) wants to toss up my hands and yell, "Who cares?!?!? They're just VBS songs!! They don't need to be perfect!! Not even close!!" But a teeny tiny fraction of me knows that it's good to know what you're doing in advance. Still. An hour and a half? To rehearse actions to short little kids songs? Please. But, ignore my rant, brought on by fatigue and frustration. The songs are actually not bad, and I'm sure the kids will enjoy them, as well as the actions for them. Like I said before, it's for the kids! ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Night Picture

Took this picture tonight, and thought I'd share with y'all. There are some perks to being a night owl, hahaha.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;P

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Alright, so I know that no one but Kote will prob care about this, but there is going to be a Merlin season 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYY! Season four hasn't even been on yet, but I'm super duper excited for it, and excited for Merlin season 5!!! It's awesome!! I'm going to post a trailer for the show, partially b/c you guys should watch it, but mostly b/c I want to watch the trailer again!!!!! Tehe! Enjoy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

New. . . or Not

Hey! So, if you haven't read Lydia's post, or are wondering "who the heck is Lydia?", go back one post, kay? it's not a long post and will enlighten you admirably. Now, for the real reason I hopped into cyberspace. The backround of the blog was bothering me. Really, really bothering me. It had been jellybeans for a long long time.

So, I decided to change it. I went into Design, then Template Designer, and changed it to tye-dye. I told no one and asked no one's permission before doing this, so if you are reading this, and the backround is jellybeans, or something other than tye-dye, you'll know the others didn't like it, and changed it again. Just fyi. PEACE!!!

*holds up peace sign, then runs from the room like a maniac, laughing like this:*

-----> MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahaha. . . . . .

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hi Guys I'm New!

I'm awesome, the best, and the bomb! This is a tester post, haha. The others have been meaning to get me on here for some time know, and Sunny finally pulled her act together! Alright, so that's it for now! Just wanted to let you all know that Lydia is the in house! ;D The blogger house that is....


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