Friday, June 3, 2011

Excitments: June


So now it is MY turn to post about what I am excited for in June! I am really happy that I've started a lil' trend here! ;D

First of all, SCHOOL ENDING! Obviously! I totally can't wait for the summer! I want to post about what I'm excited about for the whole summer like Kota did, but I'm gonna try to restrain myself and limit it to ONLY June stuff!

2-German school Graduation; yes, I go to German's torture but I'm excited because I bought a cute dress for it yesterday! Also, my brother Hunter and I usually have to miss Youth that Friday cuz the two conflict but this year there's no Youth on that Friday! :D
3-the Youth BBQ; I looove BBQ's. I might even have a little obsession with them! ;P

I am Canadian but I loove that show! It DID start on May 31st but it's running throughout June and the whole summer....but it does happen in June so that's why it is in this Excitements blog.
5-NO MORE PIANO!; I take piano lessons...I took them when I was little like grades 2-4(ish) and then last year and this year...I discovered early this year that I HATE them but my teacher makes us pay for the entire year at the beginning (whatta sneaky one), so my parents said I had to go through the whole year! Sunday is the recital and then I'll be done forever! :D :D She said that I had to keep practicing until the end of school, but she won't know whether I do or not! MWA HA HA HAAAA!
6-Youth minigolf! It's in two Fridays from today and I'm pretty excited because I heart Youth!!!! But I hope Dakota's brother (Wilson) doesn't get hit with a golf club again! /: I have to say I was more worried about him than Dakota was when it happened... $;

That's about it!(:
Look forward to next months!

Also, check out Dakota's post entitled; "The Computer Room" below mine! I posted right after her! ;P

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