Thursday, June 2, 2011


Apparently, I'm supposed to be excited for stuff.

Btw, read Sunny's post first. It's the one right below mine, with the title all in caps. Have you read it? Good.

Now, of course I'm excited for the end of school, the youth bbq, movie nights, and most of the other things on Sunny's list (not So You Think You Can Dance, tho, we don't get any channels). I am, along with my brother, VERY excited for Merlin (WOOOOOOOT!!), and in accordance with that, also getting rid of Bell and going to this place called TechSavvy, who have a MUCH better download plan. Unfortunately for us, we have to wait until September to do that, b/c apparently we have a contract, and would be charged $100 to get out of it early. So, we must wait. But anyway......

Other things I'm excited for this summer? OOO! VBS! :D I <3 volunteering at that, along with my friends, and this year, our brothers too! :O shocker. ;) birthday! In August.

Things I'm not excited for this summer? Bugs. I hate bugs. I can't stand bugs. Bugs scare me to death. Why? I don't know. Is there a scientific name for the fear of bugs? Like, Bugaphobia? :P

Other things I'm not excited for? The heat. Don't get me wrong, I like a nice hot summer day as much as the next person, the kind of day perfect for swimming (ooo! Another exciting thing) and kicking back with a lemondade. But it makes sleeping a nightmare (no pun intended), especially if it's humid. Ugh! Humidity! The sticky wet grossness of summer air, bane of fun and comfort.

Annnnywayyy, PSYCH SEASON 5 ARRIVED A COUPLE DAYS AGO AND WE'VE ALREADY WATCHED HALF THE EPISODES!!! There was one about ninjas (which was hilarious, and which I absolutely adored, btw. I <3 ninja's, if any of you guys out there missed that), one about drag racing, one about tap dancing (also <3!), and one about aliens, just to name a few.

Anything else I'm looking forward to? Hmm....writing, maybe. Being lazy, definitely. Maybe finding something that intrests me, something artsy, or awesome. Well, really, awesome is the epitome of artsy.

I gtg! I have to....well, that's really none of your business, now is it? ;)


  1. KOTE!! hi. I haven't talked to anyone hardly all week! Good to hear from you!

    VBS!!!:D:D:D:D New York themed! Woot!

  2. NEW YORK, NEW YORK! IT'S A WONDERFUL TOWN! LA LA La la la....I forget the rest of that song. :P ;)

  3. Kota,,did you have to go do what I think you had to go do?? did it have to do with sort of we talked about last Sunday?
    and btw! GREAT POST! and as for our brothers at VBS, you mean you and moi. Sunny doesn't have a bro!

  4. NO I don't mean that. I had to have a shower! ;)
    and yes, I'm aware. ;)


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