Friday, June 3, 2011

The Computer Room

I know I just blogged, but I wanted to blog again (how rare). However, I was unsure of what to blog about. Then, I thought back to the ideas Sunny posted about once, ideas of what to do when you don't know what to blog about. One of them was to take the ugliest thing in the room and tell how you would make it pretty. Last time I had said that the entire room was ugly (which is still true) and left it at that. But now, I feel like elaborating, and telling how it could be helped. So, here we go.

1. This room needs a new coat of paint. BADLY. Its been the same light blue-ish (now a dirty light blue-ish) color for as long as I can remember. You may think that's not so bad, and I guess it isn't, but still....I never knew blue could be so ugly. I would paint it....I have no idea. Something light and warm and fun, and something that compliments the dark brown laminate floor (the only really nice-looking thing in the room).

2. The curtains. Too thin, and black with a strange pattern on them. I wouldn't know what color curtain to get, though, until I'd painted the walls. ;)

3 That pile of dirty clothes and blankets in the corner of the room needs to be taken care of, as well as that laundry hamper filled with wood (huh?! what?!).

4. The top of the hi-fi (you heard me) as well as the top of the computer table needs to be cleaned off of papers, computer games, and other random junk.

5. A nice door for that closet in the corner of the room might help....

6. That big exercise machine could be shifted a little to make more floor space.

7. This entire room needs to be dusted and swept.

8. Perhaps we could find a better way of storing the wires for stuff than by hanging them on a hat rack?

9. A nice wall clock couldn't hurt the look of the room, plus then you could actually see what time it was.

10. Could we maybe pile the rolls of toilet paper and napkins in the closet, where they belong, instead of helter-skelter around the room?

Ok, I think, if we did all that (which we won't. at least, not the painting and new curtains part), the room might actually look nice. Otherwise, its a mess. A MESS, I TELL YOU!  Anyway, there's my spontaneous post (a.k.a., my rant) for all y'all to enjoy (or not). And now, I bid thee scram. Go find something intelligent to do! ;)


  1. Sounds like you have a home reno project on your hands!

  2. yezz, as in a stereo. You know, those big old things that play records? :P ;)


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