Monday, June 13, 2011

The Burning House

So, stumbling around on the internet one day when I was procrastinating (who really WANTS to do HOMEWORK in the LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL?!) I found this really cool site. It's called, you guessed it, The Burning House. It's a collection of pictures. The pictures are the things that people would bring with them if their house was burning down. It's really neat, and almost like a little peek into someone's priorities, and passions. I was planning to take a picture of my own things that I'd bring with me, but my camera is being "dumb" (as Kote would say), and needs a new lithium battery. ANYWAYS, I made a list instead, ya'll are welcome to make your own list in the comments section:) But first, I choice a picture that I liked from The Burning House.

Actually, I'm writing this on lunch break, and I don't have time to make a list. Stay tuned for my list, and possibly a picture if I can get my hands on a camera. Anyways here's the link, check it out!

EDIT: So I've had time to take a bit of a crappy picture (I used my webcam. This is one of those don't ask, don't tell situations...:P) Here it is:

And here's the list of things in the photo:
-A lamb stuff animal I've had forever that smells like baby powder
-My school bag with my binder (it's under the lamb). There's no way I'd let all those papers burn when exams are in two weeks!
-My Vancouver Olympic mitts my dad gave me the Christmas before the Olympics were in Canada (woot!!)
-My Laptop. So that little drawing between the mitts is supposed to represent my laptop since I took the picture with it. This would definitely be my first priority (after my family of course) since I have everything on it (pictures, journals, writing, music ect.)
-My dictionary. It's from the 80s, so it's horribly out of date, but I thrifted it for a toonie! It's been most helpful in my reading/writing ventures!
-One of my recent scrapbooks. Kote gave me this for my birthday last year, and I've filled it up with movie stubs, theater tickets, a postcard from a friend that praises my writing, and a picture of my Grandma and me.
-My doggie. Yes, that ugly, dirty beat-up stuffed animal. I sleep with it EVERY night, and I've had it forever. It's a keeper.
-My writer's journal. This is probably another priority item. Has plot lines, random scenes, ideas, mind maps to kingdom come in it. Not to mention character sketches...
-My writer's folder (tucked inside writer's journal) Contains all my loose story notes (mostly on the backs of math and science worksheets, lol), Kote's drawings of my characters, loose writing (edited scene for story course, short stories ect.)
-My favourite bottle from my bottle collection. My grandpa gave me it. It says "Crush" on it. Yes, as in cream soda...
-A copy of Little Women from the 60s that used to be my mom's. I love the story, even though I love the cover and look of the book more!
-A little bookmark that represents my guitar. I'd take my guitar if I had time to grab it.
-Owl earings
-Necklace my Grandparents gave me
-Sketch book, and Exercise Notebook with the first drafts of my stories. Awful writing, but it has sentimental value.
- My ipod, need I say more?
-My house key with a cool wooden keychain on it.
-My wallet with my kpl card, debit card, student card, and money *cough cough* haha, riiiight
-Oh, and how I could I forget about my archery book. I rescued that book from Jaye's garbage, and used it to write a scene where my character learned how to be an archer. It's super handy.

That about sums it up! Of course, I'd get my family out first, but if I had time I'd certainly try to take all these things. It's a little bit sad the number of things I wanted to take, but they all seemed important to me. Ah well, I'm not going to go one about materialistic desires....

I encourage you to put what you'd bring in the comments!

Woooow, this is one loooooooong post!


  1. Don't all comment at once, children!


  2. Ma pics! :D hehe epic list. :D this is just me being paranoid, but you could keep the stuff you'd want to take in a bag next to your bedroom door for easy grabbage. ^_^ hehe

  3. Hahaha, paranoid Kote? Most defiantly.

    btw, "grabbage" = awesomeness!


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