Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burning House 2 and. . . eww. . . .

First off, let me explain the "eww" part of my title. Dad knows I love ninjas, and he sees this movie in the bargain bin at WalMart called, you guessed it, Ninja.

So ok, we start to watch it. Five, maybe ten minutes into it, I leave. Now, here I am, on the computer, and even with the door closed, I can still hear the blood splattering all over the place. Suffice to say, that movie is way, way, way too gory for me. I mean, sometimes you can just hear the blood splatter, or see blood spray the wall, or even see the blade pierce or slice the victim, and that's fine with me, but in this movie, you see much more violence in much more detail (like a close-up of the throwing star embedded into the person's neck, for example), and I just can't stomach that.

ANYWAY!! Enough grossness. On to the other part of the post.

You know, we've actually had a fire in our house before. It was contained in the furnace, thank God (literally! people say that so flippantly, but I mean it. Thank you, God, that the fire was contained in the furnace, and nothing else was lost, and no one was hurt.). Still, firemen came and everything. That was like, 3 years ago? I still had my pet mouse, who lived for two years, and I remember having my mouse on my 13th birthday party. Soo yea. But I digress. . . .

Hmm, what would I take? Since I'm lazy, I'm not going to gather things up and take a picture.

1-My camera. Mostly for insurance purposes, b/c I took pictures of some of our stuff 1(like movies and games, and electronics), and b/c there's still pictures on their dating allll the way back to the youth retreat.

2-this one binder, in which I have made lists of some of our stuff, for insurance purposes.

3-Hmm...which stuffed toys to save? I love so many of them....well, how about...Missy and Cheeser (these two little beanie baby mice that I've had forever), and Jet, this pink stuffed bear that I've been sleeping with every night for the past 2 or 3 years, which I got from Dad for Valentine's Day. And these two long-limbed, velcro-handed monkeys, if I have time. Or maybe Beary, the oldest stuffed toy I have (I got him on my first Christmas. I was only 4 months old!) Anyway, enough about them.

4-My writings and ideas for books are scattered throughout various notebooks, but there's a certain two that I'd probably want to grab.

5-THE KITTY!! I just remembered him. He'd proabably be the first thing I rescue. Rush over, stuff him in his cat carrier, toss all the things I want to save in their with him, and run! X)

6-my wallet, with my bank card, and library card and (no) money. ;)

7-my ipod. tunes! :D

8-you know, It just occurred to me. Sunny, if your house burns to the ground, your house key will be useless.

9-everything else. ok? everything else. Fire is one of my phobias. I'm terrified that our house will catch fire, and we'll all be standing outside in our pajamas, watching as everything we own is engulfed in flame, and we'll be left completely peniless (even more so than we are now). I don't want to lose my beloved stuffed toys, or all our movies and games, (because that's what we do in our down time, we watch movies and play games) or my bed and pillow and blanket, or my writing or jewlery or clothing or perfume or figurines or barbies with the barbie house that mom made out of plastic canvas, or my books or anything! And I know that Christians are supposed to rely on God for everything and not care too much about earthly belongings, but I can't seem to do that, and then I feel like God will burn down my house to MAKE me do that and then I get scared all over again and I try not to care but I DO!!!!

. . . . . . wow. Please pardon my complete and utter spaz, ok? yeah. . . . .Well, I'm going to go eat chips. See ya.


  1. lol:P This literally made my day, and helped me forget about looming essays to write for a few seconds....

    Your paranoia is too funny. Also, I don't care about the key on the ring, I just care about the keychain:P

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth17 June, 2011

    hahahahaha! you literally made me LOL Kota at the part with "Rush over, stuff him in his cat carrier, toss all the things I want to save in their with him, and run!" and the part about Sunny's key! XD
    and as for the spazz, I agree! I always feel the same way! I am VERY paranoid in certain situations! $;

    btw, I guess I'M supposed to do this blog too now....but it's like 11:30 on I'll prob do it tomorrow b/c I don't wanna think right now. AAAAAAAAAAAAND, it's almost time for our July excitements! ;D

  3. Good one Kote!! I remember hearing of the Ninja movie, sounds like my cup of (in this case) red (for blood) tea! haha. This makes me think, and there just might be a blog soon


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