Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...my tuuuurn!

Ok...so now I'm guessing that I am supposed to blog, so hello! How are you people today? I'm pretty good, thank you! I loove this warm weather, although today was rather windy. When Dakota posted about things that she is excited for, I thought that it would be cool for me to do it too! And then maybe Sunny can do a post on things she is excited for....OOOOH! I just got a pretty good idea! I think that every month, we, being Sunny, Dakota and me, should each make a post, talking about what we are excited for in that month. I think that it will be more exciting in the summer (which is fairly soon) because we can post about different places we're going...(Sarnia...*cough*). ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNYWAY!
This month I am excited for:

1: my family and I are going to a hotel this weekend! I love hotels...I sort of have a weird little obsession with them.

2: the long weekend! I wanted to do something with my friends, but yesterday we found out that my relatives who live like 5 hours away are coming to visit, and we see them only a few times a year. I'm suuuuper excited for that!

Those are the two major things that I'm excited for this month! I think that Sunny, Dakota and I should blog about things we're excited for every month...thoughts on that?



  1. Awesome idea! Imma (that was my awesome slang-ness:Plol) talk a little break with blogging:P emphasis on little:P

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth10 May, 2011

    *take. and ok(; but you're still gonna post on Splash of Ink, right?
    we need to plan when we're all goin' to Sarniaaaa! :D :D :D

    and btw, I loooved your awesome slang-ness ;D

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth11 May, 2011

    oh soorrry....i interpreted that wrong..i get what you mean now(:


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