Friday, May 20, 2011

Cookie Adventure 1

Hello! I don't post much on here but I thought I would today and show you guys some pictures! ;D Sunny is the picture-y one, but I have some that are kinda funny! I'll give you some background.

Close your eyes and picture this....WAAAAAIT! Don't close your eyes! If you do that then you can't read SCRATCH THAT! Just read this. Dakota and I are at her house. We're wondering what to do..we decide that we should bake cookies! I want you to see the pictures now, but to put this bluntly, we FAIL! (;


Ok, so that picture on the right is the cookie before. Yes, it is one large moldy cookie..juuust kidding, we food colour-ed it green. We're cooool!(:

This is what the cookie looked like after it came out of the oven. I am aware that it is waaaaaay undercooked. We had some issues with that such as we didn't actually have enough flour when we made the cookie, so it was RATHER runny and spilled off the side and made a mess...

Now, here are the pictures of what the oven looked like, the goop in a bowl and me pouring it in the snow.

I hope you enjoyed Cookie Adventure 1. I do have another cookie adventure that I'll post at another date(:


  1. Woah, at first I was like snow?! But then I connected the dots, this is a flash back post!!!

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth21 May, 2011

    hahah yahhhhhh ;P


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