Friday, April 15, 2011

Romeo, oh Romeo

So, I'm sitting in English class, and we're in the Library. Obviously, because I'm on the computer! Anyhow, we're working on either a) Romeo, and Juliet productions, thus the title, or b) A novel study journal. OR the hidden option of c) blogging! (and hiding the screen every time the teacher comes around) ANYWAYS, I thought that while I still had Romeo and Juliet in front of me I'd share some of the funniest lines I've found. Btw, if you'd like my personal opinion of Romeo, I think he's a bit of a pathetic loser, and as for Juliet, well lets just say Romeo is not the god you make him out to be. HE KILLS LIKE SIX PEOPLE INADVERTANTLY (Mercutio, Tybalt, Juliet, Lady Montague, Paris, oh and don't forget Romeo himself)!!!!!!! also, my English teacher doesn't like exclaimation marks for whatever reason, but I do so ha!!!!!!! take that Mr. F!!!!!
Back to funny lines:

  • Juliet: Romeo!

  • Romeo: My nyas!

Defination Nyas-a young hawk that has not yet left the nest He's calling her a hawk! That's endearing.....if you're a bird!

  • Juliet: Give me my Romeo. And when I shall dies take him and cut him out in little stars, And he will make the face of heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night

So let me get this straight, she wants to cut Romeo's corspe into little pieces and throw them up into the night sky. I detect volient tendacies, not to mention how creepy that is? No wonder she kills herself in the end of the play! Although there are a whole lot more of wierd lines English is coming to a close. As Romeo would say: A thousand times goodnight! Actually, I think Juliet says that... P.S. My partner for this project just told me that my principal is on Wikipedia, what is this world coming too?!


  1. Woooow. lol Shakespeare was a WEIRDO! :P

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth15 April, 2011

    Yes, yes he is. Speaking of Shakespeare we did 12th night. and we watched She's the man after cuz it's based on it!

  3. She's the man.....isn't that the movie where the girl pretends to be her twin brother and goes to school for him? I think I started to watch that with Beth, but it sorta freaked me out, so we stopped. :P ;)

  4. haha yeaaaaaaaaaaah:P Shakespeare was one interesting dude


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