Sunday, April 10, 2011

P v. N and N v. J

There are a couple of age-old questions that plauge the younger generation and cause much controversy. The first question is; "Would you rather be a pirate, or a ninja?"

My own personal response to this question would be; "Ninja all the way!!!!" <3 <3 !! I absolutely LOVE ninjas!! :D They are so awesome in there silent, agile mysteriousness. :D Some people say samurais are more awesome that ninjas. That is a matter of opinion, and I disagree. But whatever.

The second question is simialar; "Would you rather be a ninja, or a Jedi?"

My answer is still ninja. Jedi are pretty cool too, but I still prefer ninjas. It might be the mask and the silent weapons, unnoticed until they're half and inch from your face, as opposed to odd hairstyles and electric, glowing weapons that are immpossible to unsheath quietly. But each to his own. I know some people who prefer Jedis to ninjas.

This last question, which I just thought of now, is; "Would you rather be a pirate or a Jedi?"

I'm not quite sure on this one. I guess it depends on what type of pirates they are. Are they exactly how they would have been, way back when (as in, stinking, filthy, greedy, evil, murderous, lecherous seadogs), or are they the type you read about in stories, that pirate captain who is clean and good and kind, only pirating because he has to? Actually, I might prefer to be a Jedi in this instance. They can do some pretty awesome stuff. :) Although, I do love the sea......except for sharks. :S Soo....maybe a Jedi. :D Post your preferences, people! (Hey, alliteration!)


  1. lol:P!!!! Ninjas and Pirates all the way!!!:D

    Captain Jack Sparrow! WOOT WOOT WOOT!

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth10 April, 2011

    Ninjas, ninjas, ....idk! :P


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