Wednesday, April 20, 2011

List of Canadian Epicness

I don't remember why, but my brother and I decided to make a list of Canadian stuff.
This stuff may have been invented in Canada, be specifically Canadian, or are just generally associated with Canada. I'm not sure which for what, but hey! It's fun. :D Also, we didn't put down EVERY SINGLE artist or famous person from Canada, living or dead, b/c that would not only take a TON of time, effort, and space, but we probably wouldn't have a clue to who most of them were. So anyway, here's our list, correct my comments if they're wrong. :)

1) Michael Buble - JAZZ HANDS!!!! :D <3
2) Maple leaves - Well, they are part of our flag. ;)
3) Maple syrup - Mmm...pancakes....
4) Hockey - Not that we invented it, we just seem to have a lot of it....
5) Lacrosse - Apparently this is our national sport?!? lol.
6) Beavers - And apparently, this is our national animal.
7) Mounties - Gotta love 'em! :D
8) Wolverines - Ferocious little buggers! :O
9) Wolverine - Yes, as in the superhero. The character is from Alberta.
10) Loons - Our national bird. :D
11) 1 & 2 dollar coins - MONEY!!!! lol. X)
12) Corner Gas - A lot of you may not have seen this show, but it's 100% Canadian. :)
13) Psych - Yes, I know, the show is based in California, and the actors may or may not be Canadian. I really don't know. BUT! It's filmed in Vancouver! So, in a sense, it is Canadian! Or at least, season 4 episode 1 is. ;)
14) Canadian Vanilla, Eh? - I'm serious! That was the label on some ice cream we got!
15) St. Jacob's Farmer's Market - Fresh fruit or awesome crafts, anyone?
16) Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell himself said that he invented it in Canada, but he made the first one in the U.S. of A. So, I guess we can share this one, America. ;)
17) Basketball - Invented by Canadian P.E. instructor James Naismith in 1891.
18) 5 pin bowling - Good, I can hardly lift the 10 pin balls. X)
19) Shania Twain - Popular country singer.
20) Rachael McAdams - Actress, played Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes.
21) Shawn Ahsmore - played Iceman in X-Men. Born in B.C.
22) Velcro - What I used to call (when 4 years old), "That crusty stuff!" LOL! X) strange child. ;)
23) Inuits - Because "Eskimo" is offensive? :S
24) Canada Geese - Can't say I'm thrilled by this one.
25) Tim Hortons - WOOT! :D (Yeah, yeah, Jaye, I know, I know. Coffee snob.) ;)
26) Winnie the Pooh - First of all, I <3 Winnie! He is totally epic! :D And second of all, the character was based on the author's (A. A. Milne) son's (Christopher Robin Milne) teddy bear, who was named after a black bear (Winnie) at the zoo, who, after being purchased by Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, was named Winnie after his (the lieutenant's) hometown in Winnipeg. All that to say, Pooh Bear was names after Winnipeg. :D

The last item on my list is the most obvious one of all; SHEER AWESOMENESS!!!!! and yes, I know you were all probably expecting me to add someone who's name starts with Justin and ends with -ber, but since there is much controversy surrounding that kid, I won't. ;) And now I will end this rather long post. CHAMELEONS!

P.s. hey, I just found this rather awsome pic! ->


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth20 April, 2011

    Dakota I looooove this post! My favourite ones were: 7, 11, 15, 18, 22, 24, 25, 26. but all of them are pretty epic!(: and when you said CHAMELEONS! that reminded me of this (from Tangled)
    Flynn: Here's your pan, here's your frog! make my life complete.♥

  2. ummmm Kote, Benjamin Franklin was a founding father of the U.S.A. You need to watch National Treasure!

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telly:P lol

    btw, TIMMY'S YEAH!

  3. Sunny; The telly is actually British for TV!(; juuuuust saying!

  4. i know! i was in a British mood when I wrote that!

  5. Yah...but basically you said that Alexander Graham Bell invented the TV...but you probably know that...i'll just shut up now cuz i'm confused! /:

  6. Alexander Graham Bell...wait! I just got that! I meant telephone!:P

    in Sunny land telly=telephone

  7. @ Sunny; oops! BAHAHAHAHA!! Looool!! I do that a lot. mix up people's names, that is. X) I knew it had a 'B' in it somewhere.... XD LOL I'll fix that. X)

  8. Destiny Diddlesworth21 April, 2011

    Sunny: looolzzz!


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