Monday, April 25, 2011

Interior Deco

So I decided that I was going to post some pictures of my favourite aspects of my bedroom's decorating. After writing amazingly long posts for every week, and my other recreational writing I don't want to come up with something to write for this blog, so I'm posting pictures! Consider it a visual blog post! :D Besides, who doesn't like looking at pictures? So without further adieu...

This is a picture on my wall that I painted for art class. It's supposed to be a spin off playing card. The second picture is some really cool leaves that I got from Green Earth, I believe, that are on my wall. In the back round of the leaves is a poster about love based off 1 Corinthians 13, a sketch I did of a woman, a graduation card, and the top half of my lamp. In the last picture you see a portion of my wall right beside the door. The wall has little bits and pieces of things I thought were pretty, or had interesting graphics, and you see the my full lamp. You can also see a banner I painted at the youth retreat three years ago.

Hope you enjoyed!:D


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth25 April, 2011

    Coooooool pix Sunny!(:

  2. Great playing-card painting!! looks EPIC!! ;D and I remember when you got those leaves! :D also, my fellow word-atarian, "women" is plural. ;) jus' sayin'.....

  3. ack! I do that all the time, thanks for the edit:)


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