Friday, March 25, 2011

Something I learned....

I get sick of opening this blog only to see the same old post time after time, so I've decided to post about something I read in Biology today. I read that there are valves inside your veins, and these are there to keep the blood flowing smoothly. If the valves weren't there, all the blood would slip back down through your veins and pool in your feet. *shudders* ewww.....that is so gross. It makes my feet feel all weird and tingly. :P guhh.... :S ok, my skin is crawling. I don't know why I chose to blog about this. But I'll post it anyway. Short, informative, and....ick. :) hehehe.


  1. this post made me lol for some reason...! and my feet were tingly too! ;P

  2. That definitely has the "ick" factor!
    Haha, get it?! Instead of the "it" factor, I said "ick" .....

    bahahahahaha:P Thanks for putting up with all my lame jokes:P


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