Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I've been cleaning out our camera, and I found some really awesome pictures! I figured, what better thing to do than post some of them? So here they are! I'll post little captions underneath the photos with titles and the such, so you're not completely clueless:P By the way, these are from our recent trip to Sarnia!

Yours truly!
(from the left)
Rebecca Ronway, Dakota Densmore, Jane Smith, Destiny Diddlesworth, Sunny Smith (the one with the camera shadow:P)
Time is ticking
This is a really cool clock that we saw when we were window shopping, so I took a picture:) Doesn't it remind you of Beauty and the Beast, a bit?

Mr Green, in the Kitchen...
This is a knife holder we also came across in a modern housing store, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of it! I can think of a few people I would buy this for...:P

Locked up Bargains
This is the "sale" area in a little boutique we went into. However, this was one of those places where sale really meant we-put-some-of-our-old-stuff-in-here-and-don't-bother-changing-the-price-because-the-sale-sign-will-make-you-feel-less-guilty-buying-it, so needless to say we didn't get anything here. The idea and decorate was brilliant though, if you ask me! Although, Kota was a little afraid to go in....

So there you go! Many I'll put some more pics up later, but these were some of my favourites:)


  1. Great post Sunn-ay!(: Love it! hhahaa that one Sale room looked like a safe...Kota and me were like WOOOAH! /: looolz. and haha yahhh that knife dude...all of those were gooood times!(: <3

  2. lol:P good times, good times

  3. lol the knife dude! X) and yeah! that safe room felt like we would be locked in by bad guys who were trying to kill us! but then we would either be rescued or get out on our own at the last minute. :P :D lol!


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