Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog Hopping

So I've been spending my time lately doing a little something that I like to call blog hopping.

Basically you start off with a blog of a friends, for this example I'm going to use J.T.I.'s blog you can find here or in our list at the side of the page. Than you look at either

a) the people following their blog


b) the blogs they have on their blogroll

So from Jamies, I decided to check out Mike's Confessional, a blog that he had in his blogroll. Btw, it has a cool picture of an eye in the title! Anywho, from Mike's Confessional I read a little bit, interesting stuff btw, than looked to hop to another blog. However, M.C. didn't have a blogroll so I picked on of the people following the blog. There was an intriguing picture for one of the followers named "Cory", so I clicked on him, and picked his blog "The Nerd and the Word". The posts I read with both interesting, and entertaining especially one about an anime movie!

Ok, now for another hop. So, as this blog didn't have a blog list I picked another follower. I had seen this person on a few different blogs, "Alanna" her name was. So I clicked on her, and picked a blog that was listed as one of the blogs she had joined, "Canadian Writers Who Are Christian". On this particular blog I read a post about the value of reading fiction, which is also interesting.

After that blog, I decided that I'd hop once more before I wrapped this post up. Mostly because I had finally gotten into a topic that interested me (writing), and where's there's one blog on writing other's are sure to follow! Ah nevermind that, I seem to have come to a dead end, but the beauty of this is that you can just kept hitting the back button and exploring some more! It's like those books where you get to pick the end. "Turn to page 35 if Artie goes into the house" Aww, I loved those things! Anywho, there's just something about blog hopping that gives me a rush, and exuberant feeling of knowledge. It might just be me, a fact junkie, but I would recommend you try it when you get a minute!

Wow, I just spent a good 45 min doing this.....


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth10 March, 2011

    That's pretty coolio! (:

  2. hey! you checked out my buddy's blog! I'll have to tell him. :D


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