Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Splash Of Ink

Good evening blog viewers. Grab a cup of hot tea, or hot chocolate and enjoy this blog post.

As you know, one of our contributers is Miss. Sunny Smith. She has just created a new blog called "A Splash of Ink". I read her first post and it was very good. There was no randomness...but that is what THIS blog is for! If you are a writer, you would enjoy this blog because it has GREAT tips and such. Even if you AREN'T a writer, you should still CHECK IT cuz...well it's just that cool! Heres a little preview:

If you've ever read any "How to Write a Novel" webpages or books than you've most likely heard that writers do best when they write about what they know. I'd have to say that I do agree with that, but I didn't for the longest time. Here's why:

SO! If you wanna find out why, then check out: http://splash-of-ink.blogspot.com/

Yours truly,

Destiny J. Diddlesworth--♥


  1. Haha, thanks for the plug Arnez!

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth16 February, 2011

    You're so welcome! (:

  3. hey guys, arnez made a new blog too! not quite sure of the adress, what is it again?

  4. hehe...! yah I did..I'll bloggy-blog about it on here in a few minz! (;


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