Monday, February 7, 2011

Semester Two Happenings: A Play in Three parts (2)

A play by Sunny Smith documenting with some creative license the events of the first day(s) of semester two at Kooky Heights.

Scene the Second
Cast of Characters:

Me: The beautiful, smart, ever pleasant (HA!), and especially humble main character. Other wise known as Sunny. Attends Kooky Heights, the local high school. Doesn't have any speaking parts in this scene, only comments that are uttered in the mind, as it takes place in a classroom.

Mr. F: My Greek English teacher. Love's Bob Marley's music and other reggae music in general. Looks like he just walked off the set of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

In which an English Class is taught

Mr F: If you haven't figured it out yet, my name is Mr. F and I teach grade ten academic English. I also love Bob Marley music.
Points to two life size posters of the dread-locked Marley himself. Goes on and rambles about the units that we're to cover in the course for about ten minutes.
Me: Yes, Mr F, I kind of figured that you were a fan, but I also had the sneaking suspicion that some crazy Marley impersonator broke into the school and plastered his picture everywhere! Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. F
Mr F: I've got your schedules' and a seating plan. So when I call your name come and get em!
Annoyed groan and sounds of students getting to their feet, collecting their things. After students are seated, not very happy, I might add Mr. F hands out a worksheet.
Mr F: I have this little worksheet for you to fill out and if you hand it in I'll give you two bonus marks on your first test!
Satisfied sounds from class, for that has made up slightly for the seating arrangement, and rustling of bags as people get out pens and paper.
Me: (reading the top of the page) An autobiography (skims through pages that are stapled together seeing question after question and a few full length paragraph answers) No kidding. I could write a book with all these questions!
A few short moments later...
Mr F starts talking about poetry and what it is. Get's on the topic of using words to paint a picture
Mr F: A few months ago myself and some friends of mine were eating at a table in my Dad's restaurant. Now, my dad immigrated from Greece about 45 years ago and still can't speak English fluently, so he makes up these phrases that are often crass and don't sound quite right in English. Anyways, one of my friends was talking about why another guy we invited couldn't come, apparently his wife said no. My dad opens his mouth, and I'm just waiting to see what he's going to say. He goes (slips into an imitating accent of his father) he has danger wife! Danger wife bad! (uses normal voice) So my friends ask him what a "Danger Wife" is and he says (uses accent again) Danger wife control man! Man want to go out, danger wife say no! Man hungry danger wife tells him what to eat! Danger Wife tells man to do dishes! (using normal voice now) By than, all my friends were laughing and having a great time!
Relates his story back to word pictures and lets us work for awhile
Mr F: I also don't like technology! I don't own a cell phone! So in my class no phones, no ipods, ect.!
About half the class shove their phones that they are currently texting on, in their pockets, and the other half looks protectively towards the bulge in their bag, pocket, ect.
The rest of the period is spent working on Autobiographies and Mr F running his hand through his shoulder length brown hair. I have to say the hair completes the "Greek look".
Mr F: Alright see you all tomorrow!
Class files out leaving Mr F and his Bob Marley posters to themselves

End Scene

This has been play writing with Sunny Smith, stay tunned for the next and final part of semester two happenings. It may or may not come, depending on my memory and time to write:P But for now, I say adieu!


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth08 February, 2011

    Lovin' this Sunn-ay! (:

  2. XD LUV!!! haha soo funny can't wait for act 3!! :D


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