Thursday, February 3, 2011

Semester Two Happenings: A Play in Three parts

A Play by Sunny Smith documenting, with some creative license the events of the first day of semester two at Kooky Heights.
Scene The First
Cast Of Characters:
ME!: The beautiful, smart, ever pleasant (HA!), and especially humble main character. Other wise known as Sunny. Attends Kooky Heights, the local high school.
Jane: The *ahm* loving sister of Sunny, who attends Kooky Heights, as previously mentioned.
Mother: The mother of Sunny and Jane. Works at the church, but that's irrelevant.
The Van: 2000 Dodge Caravan. The distinguished vehicle of the characters mentioned.

In which we get ready and leave for Kooky Heights

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* Alarm Clock goes off at 6:30am
Me: *groan* rolls over and hits snooze
*BEEP BEEP BEEP* Alarm Clock goes off at 7:00am
Me: *to tired to groan again* glances half heartedly at alarm clock and drops head into pillow, promptly hits snooze
Mother: (yells)SUNNY TIME TO GET UP!
Me: (mumbles) Yep, I'll be up in a minute. (hits snooze)
Twenty minutes elapse and I'm still in bed.
Mother: (yells considerably louder)GET UP NOW!
Jane: (from other room) Yeah Sunny I don't want to be late. (Adds under her breath, but still purposely audible) Again.
Me: I'm up....I'm up. Give me a break! (Rolls out of bed with little success. Stumbles into the door frame while rubbing eyes.)
Mother: (still yelling) ARE YOU UP?!
Me: Yes! *mumbles unintelligibly to self* (walks as fast as humanly possibly at ten to eight in the morning to bathroom)
Goes into bathroom and completes the necessaries, fixes hair, ect. Puts contacts in surprisingly well and opens the bathroom door ready to face the world, ......well almost.
Mother: (yells) LET'S GO!
Jane rushes by and down the stairs. I follow in a mopey demeanor, clumping down the stairs. *Clump, Clump Clump*
Mother: (glances at clock) Good job, Sunny now lets get going. It's minus 7 out there.
Me: *mumbles response of acknowledgement* Curses Canadian winters in my head.
The two students proceed the get dressed for the frigid weather and as usual I'm last out the door. The three ladies pile in the ever *cough* faithful van.
Me: (yelling) Turn on the heat! TURN ON THE HEAT! Notes first -of many- loud expressions of the day to self.
Mother: Calm down. (turns on van and heat. Time blinks in at 8:05am)
Van: *Vroom Vroom*
Mother: Wow! It's only five after! You girls are going to be on time!
Jane: (sarcastically) For once, Sun-ny.
Me: sticks tongue out at Jane
Van takes off down the road.
Van: *Skreeeeeeech* stops and slides in the snow
Mother: *Tired sigh* (Pretty sure she's cursing Canadian winters too)
Uneventful ride over to Kooky Heights, except for the excess of snow and comments about wishing spring would come.
Van: *Turns into Kooky Heights driveway*
Mother: See ya guys later. Love you!
Me: Ya, bye, love you too (slams door without looking back and runs the ten meters to get to the door to be rid of the icy winds while trying not to slip on the ice) Mutters to self about the lack of safety on the snow covered stairs INSIDE the school. Officially arrives at Kooky Heights, safely, and in reasonably good spirits for being up before noon hour.
End Scene

This has been my life as a play with Sunny Smith, say tuned for parts 2 and 3:) And feel free to share your own unique experiences with first days of new semesters in the comment section!


  1. Aaaahhhhh!!!! Sunny! I think I accidentaly did something to your post! You had put in your "other" name a couple times, so I changed it, but now it won't show the "documenting with creative license" bit. :S sorry........WAHHH!!! I DON'T KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!!!!! D': *sob*

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth04 February, 2011

    Good post Sunny! (: Can't wait for more!♥

  3. Calm yourself Kotes:P I fixed it up!:) Thanks for all the nice response Arnez!

  4. I'm calm, I'm calm, I'm.....calm. other than me messing it up, I LOOOVED it! :D <3

  5. Destiny Diddlesworth04 February, 2011

    I don't even get how you messed it up! /: and np Sunny!

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