Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog!


Today I am here to tell you all about yet another new blog! Buuuut this time, its MY new blog! I still have "The Fate Of Destiny" though not many people look at it, I still have it.

It's called "This Girl's Viewpoint". I KNOOOOOW that the name is CHEESY, but that's what happens when you get me to make up the name myself. See, The Fate Of Destiny, was made by Dakota, so that's why its ACTUALLY a good title. If you have ideas for a better title for my new blog, put them down below! (:

Here's a little preview: This is my new personal blog (obviously), and on this blog I will be reviewing different things! Some of the things are: books, movies, songs and makeup!

Here's the link:

Check it out!

Destiny!! (:

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