Monday, February 7, 2011


So, I wanted to blog but didn't know what to say...well at FIRST I didn't and now I have a vague idea so I want to see what will happen when I put my vague idea into a blog! (:

There are times when I feel stressed and worried...which happens to me waaaay too often. I know, for those of you who know me, you think that I'm always hyper and happy but...noooo!! My vague idea was to think of things that calm me down and maybe I'll feel better!

1: listening to slow songs: they are really comforting to me! Especially if I have listened to them before and they have a good message or meaning to me.

2: ranting to myself: may sound odd, but it works sometimes.

3: crying: if i'm really upset, it REALLY helps.

4: reading: sometimes it helps me to get lost in another world.

5: going to sleep: when I wake up the next morning, I feel a lot better.

6: ranting to my friends: when they listen to what I have to say, it feels good!

I can't think of anything else...and this post is probably pointless..but w.e. It felt good to rant to you guys!! ooh!!

7: ranting to my blog fans: it's basically like ranting to my friends!





  2. haha Dessy! (think of a--.....well, you know.) ;) XD

  3. Destiny Diddlesworth11 February, 2011

    BAHAHA! yeeeeeeh man! (: hehe....♥


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