Sunday, February 13, 2011


As the picture says it's our first birthday!
For the last year we've realized that everyone has something to say

Whether it's a funny word
or an experience with a cheese curd

Everyone has random thoughts bouncing around their head
Here a S.H.H.B. we've lead

the way for random thinkers everywhere
And found that blogs are to share

They say "blondes have the most fun"
But they haven't seen half the things we've done

At S.H.H.B. we know how to have a good time
And I'm so glad that part of this is mine

Dare I say our writing skills are better since this we've endeavored?
I would say that our boringness has at least been severed

This blog has documented our strange and crazy ways
Cause we know that All the cool kids blog because blogging pays

Not in money but in memory. For we shall not forget
The first year of Super Hyper Human Beings, now for the future we are set.


  1. Destiny Diddlesworth14 February, 2011


  2. that was a poem btw guys:P

  3. I noticed the poem-ness, Sunny. very awesome! :D <3


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