Saturday, January 29, 2011

How I Feel! ;P

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeello everyone!

Right now I am super pumped, super tired, and super happy. I don't know if that makes much sense..but WHATEVER! cuz that's how I am feeling. ok fineee, I'll explain!

Super pumped: tomorrow we're having a special lunch after, plus we have the Youth-led service in the evening AND I'm finished all of my exams so I don't have school on Monday.
Super tired: I spent at 3 hours (give or take) cleaning my room. It still isn't perfect...but I am pleased because it hasn't been cleaned for at LEAST 6 months...embarrassing I know! /:
Super happy: because I cleaned my room!! :D

There you have it! :D I am soo excited for tomorrow! I guess I'll end with that!

Dessy (Arnaz)

P.S. On the topic of Arnaz, I got the first season of I Love Lucy for Christmas! ;P hehe!


  1. I LOVE LUCY!!!! OOOOO! sooo funny:P Don't you just love exam times?!

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth30 January, 2011

    ..when I'm not writing exams, I like it! (; and I LOVE LUCY IS EEEEPIC! :D


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