Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes men say that they understand girls. I don’t think that is true because, being a girl, I know that girls are VERY hard to figure out. As Steve Miller (Greg Kinnear) in the Last Song said “That would require my understanding of the female mind…which I don’t”. Am I right in saying that girls are hard to figure out? I sure think so.

There are a lot of things that make me think that girls are not easy to understand. I am about to list them off and when I do, I’ll have you know that they don’t apply to every girl, but they definitely apply to me.
1: Indecisiveness. This one applies to me a lot at restaurants, on MSN, at school, in the library…and the list would go on.
2: Looks. Some girls don’t care about how they look and sometimes I wish I was like that! Whenever I go to school or someplace, I always put on makeup and make sure that my hair is looking as perfect as I can get it. I always try my hardest not to care what others think, but it’s really hard! My friends always tell me that I look pretty and I say thanks, even though half the time I don’t believe them. I know that God made me in His image, so people say that it’s an insult when you say that you look bad. I don’t think it is, because only God can be perfect so there HAS to be something wrong with everyone else.
3: …Guys. Yes, I said it. Guys. We worry about what guys think when they look at us, am I right? Do they think we’re pretty, ugly, not worth it, snobby, gross, cute? It would be really interesting to read minds and know what they think.

The list goes on, but this is all that I want to write for now. Thank you for reading! (:

I hope that you all enjoyed reading that. I seriously just randomly wrote it, and sent it to Sunny and Dakota. Dakota had to go, so she didn't see it yet, but Sunny told me to "blog it", so I decided to.

x Des


  1. HA! Way to tell it like it is Sista!

    P.S. FIESTA FOREVA! hahahaha remeber?

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth14 January, 2011

    Looolzz thanks Sunn-ay! And OBVIOUSLY I remember that! We were in gym and some girl was playing her iPod and she played that song! I was like "Suuuuunny!" (;

  3. that sounds familiar....but i can't quite place it. what song is it from? :P :)

  4. Destiny Diddlesworth17 January, 2011

    I played it on my phone that day that we went to Sunny's after Church! (:

  5. well said, very good post, as a man I will admit that I do not understand girls at all. They are a mystery, but like all people are created in God's image.


  6. @Dessy: Nope, still can't remember. :P :)

  7. Destiny Diddlesworth18 January, 2011

    @Kote-ok! ;P
    @James-thank you! and yeep, all in God's image! (:


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