Monday, January 3, 2011


So, today was the first day back at school after the Christmas holidays. For me (and I'm sure all of you) it was a little slow, considering my brain wasn't used to having ot think about......anything. BUT! Wilson and I got to sleep in until 9-ish for reasons I won't torture you with. I'll merely laugh at you and your early-bird misery. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Ok.

I have to put this in here. I SMELL CINNAMON BUNS COOKING!!!!!!! (baking, whatever)

yummmm..............can't wait! 8 buns divided by 4 people = ..............(I'll give your sleepy brains a minute)........2 each! :D Drool with envy! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Also....MERLIN IS EPIC!!!!!! (my, I seem to be yelling a lot, don't I? but I DON'T CARE! so there) It's this show on BBC about Merlin as a young man who comes to Camelot. But the King has outlawed magic, under penalty of death. In fact, when Merlin first arrives, he sees a man accused of sorcery beheaded. What a welcome. Through a series of events that I don't feel like taking the time to write, Merlin becomes manservant to Prince Arthur, who at this time is an arrogant bully. It's such a good show!! Sunny got me hooked! And then I got Wilson hooked, and together we got our parents hooked once they gave us seasons 1 & 2 for Christmas. :D Season 3 just ended recently, and 4 may not come out until 2012. :O :'( Ah, well.

And now, Guppy's take on these extraordinary events (namely, school, cinnamon buns, and Merlin).

.............nevermind, actually. My "paste" button isn't working, and there's no way I'm typing up our long, disjointed conversation. If you want to know what he thinks, go ask him yourself.

Well that's enough of my ramblings for now. With the sweet taste of cinnamon buns still on my lips, I bid you farewell. :D

Cheese and Pickles!!



  2. hahah yeah. I'm back in school already, crazy! My brain is also having a hard time getting back into it. Keep blogging

  3. there shouldn't be a problem with not bloggin!:P


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