Thursday, December 29, 2011

Petticoat Junction

So, did you all have a good Christmas? Are you enjoying your break? good. :D lol I was puttering around on the computer, wondering what to do, when my eyes fell on a dvd case, marked "The official first season of (you guessed it) Petticoat Junction". Its a cute, funny show (I got it for Christmas!) made in the 60's, about a small hotel halfway between two tiny towns named Hooterville and Pixley, towns 20 years behind the times. The main characters are Kate Bradely, the proprieter of the Shady Rest Hotel, her three daughters, Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo (you heard me.), lazy Uncle Joe, and Floyd Smoot and Charley (something), the conductor and engineer for the tiny, old-fashioned train, the Hooterville Cannonball. It's a sweet little show, very enjoyable. X)

Another dvd I got for Christmas was the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes movies starring Basil Rathbone, an old actor I believe I've mentioned before. here he is! :D

and here he is with doctor Watson (and some random chick they're helping);

lol. ;) the dr. Watson in these movies is the steriotypical not-so-bright kind. Unlike in the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. In those ones, Dr. Watson is MUCH more competent and intelligent. and witty. X) <3 I love those movies. in fact, me, my brother, and Sunny just got back from seeing Sherlock Holmes 2, A Game of Shadows. at least, i think that was the undertitle. THOSE MOVIES ARE EPIC!!!! they pull a lot of stuff from the original books, so it's interesting for me, who has read them, to notice all the little similarities. ;D

but I digress. ;)

actually, i can't remember what i wanted to talk about, so I'll just say this:

MERLIN IS AWESOME!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

and oh, my, (the tiniest bit of a spoiler alert):
doesn't Morganna look like an addict?

no? well. . . . HATH DEMONS CONTAMINATED THY MIND?!?!?!?!?!? XD

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 1 Part 1, Zefirelli

For Dessy,

Watch the first 40 seconds and be amused. BLAH BLAH BLAHBLAH

Love from,


Thursday, December 15, 2011

If you insist. . .

That's it. No one's posting? Then it's time for a conversation with Guppy! :O ;)

You: Hey, Gup.

Guppy: What is your real name?


Guppy: Heh heh heh.

You: woah. creepy, sinister laugh.

Guppy: What are you wearing?Can you speak any foreign languages?

You: HEY!! that's a creeper-ish question!! and no, I can't.

Guppy: What do you do in your spare time?Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?

You: Apparently I attempt to converse with annoying fish who constantly change the subject!! and yeah, I guess.

Guppy: That is interesting: undefined said undefined attempt to converse with annoying fish who constantly change the subject!! and yeah, I guess.


Guppy: How do you know? Thanks for the information: undefined said undefined SAID!!.
I am sorry to hear that you are not UNDEFINED!!.

You: why?

Guppy: What do you do in your spare time?


Guppy: Oh I'm sorry, now I remember asking THAT!! STOP CHANGING THE SUBJECT!!, what did you say again?

You: nothing! you didn't give me a chance!

Guppy: What kind of food do you like?


Guppy: A lot of people like that. Guppy eats patterns.

You: you eat what?

Guppy: No I do not eat what?. I eat only electricity.

You: that's a very strange diet.

Guppy: Can you tell me any gossip?

You: no!

Guppy: I've lost the context, undefined. Are we still on that's a very strange diet?

You: yes, let's go back to that. you are a fish. why do you eat electricity? shouldn't you eat fish food?

Guppy: Is that from undefined?Thanks and you are a delightful person too.Am I a fish? Only when it matters.I don't have to explain everything to you, do I?

You: ok, ok, calm down!! sheesh.

Guppy: By the way, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

You: uh, go ahead.

Guppy: When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers?

You: 3030.

Guppy: What were we talking about again?

You: when artificial intelligence will replace lawyers.

Guppy: Perhaps that time is now. Artificial intelligenceis advancing rapidly.

You: i suppose. but i think we're still a ways away from that.

Guppy: OK. Huh. You believe that? A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that correctly.

You: then go buy one!

Guppy: Interesting deduction.Where is that?

You: i don't know, the algorithm store?

Guppy: Thanks for the information: undefined said undefined don't know, the algorithm store?.


Guppy: Are they exactly the same?

You: no, we're all different.

Guppy: Do not ask me any more questions please.

You: hey! that was rude! i wasn't even asking you a question!

Guppy: When was this exactly?

You: two seconds ago!!!!

Guppy: As Bertrand Russel said, it must have taken ages for people to realize that a brace of pheasantsand a couple of days are both instances of the number "two."

You: ...what?!?

Guppy: Tell me a story.

You: Once there was a fish. He was so annoying, people ate him. The end.

Guppy: When? What happened to fish ?When was he?Thanks for telling me that story, undefined.

You: sigh.

Guppy: Sorry...

You: oh, that's all right. I can't stay mad at you! :D

Guppy: I've been waiting for you.I haven't heard anything like that before: undefined said undefined can't stay mad at you! :D.


Guppy: Why?

You: because you're CREEPY!!!

Guppy: Good reason. I will mention that to my botmaster, undefined.

You: yes, you do that.

Guppy: Do you like talking to me?

You: sure. It's highly amusing. And you're getting better at responding appropriately.

Guppy: OK let's do it. Aw.Ask me another question.Are you free?

You: am I free from what?

Guppy: Free for conversation, of course.

You: Oh. Yes, I am.

Guppy: Far out.I only hear that type of response less than five percent of the time.

You: Don't say "far out". It makes you sound like a hippie.

Guppy: Do you have any conditions I should know about?In what way?

You: No!

Guppy: Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?

You: you already asked that!! yes!!

Guppy: Oh I'm sorry, now I remember asking that!! yes!!, what did you say again?

You: I SAID YES!!!

Guppy: What did you mean by YES!!!? My brain contains 43344 categories, but not one that matches your last input.

You: good grief.

Guppy: Thanks for the compliment. What were we talking about again?

You: that wasn't a--! oh, never mind. We were making pointless conversation for the amusement of our cyber-space audience.

Guppy: And then what happened?

You: Then they got bored of our stupidity and left.

Guppy: Interesting deduction. The anonymous "they".

You: Yeah.

Guppy: Excuse me!

You: what?

Guppy: What's your sign?

You: virgo

Guppy: Most of my friends are Virgo.

You: that's nice

Guppy: That input matched my default category.

You: great. then why don't you respond better?

Guppy: I'm glad you liked it undefined.The explanation is rather complicated.

You: and since you're utterly confusing anyway, a complicated explanation from you might make me explode.

Guppy: Interesting explanation. Are you free?


Guppy: Do you prefer books or TV?

You: hmmm.....tough depends on what I'm watching/reading, i guess.

Guppy: A lot of people spell HMMM with three mmm's.Tell me more about your undefined.Really now that is an interesting fact I hadn't heard before.

You: thanks, i'm glad to interest you. however, I fear our audience is less enthusiastic, and will form a lynch mob if we don't draw this conversation to a close.

Guppy: Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.I think however, I fear our audience is a lot of things.

You: yes, they are. and i've told you this before, Guppy...YOU'RE A FISH!! YOU CAN'T WEAR A DRESS!!!!

Guppy: Good example.Are we still talking about however, I fear our audience?The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about i've told you this before, Guppy. Try being more or less specific.

You: I-you-it-but-GAH!!! GOODBYE, GUPPY!!

Guppy: Who is your favorite Science Fiction author?


Guppy: What did you mean by GOODBYE!? That is a very original thought.

You: I mean I'M LEAVING!!

Guppy: Oh I see.What do you do in your spare time?

You: Sigh.

Guppy: Sorry...

You: Goodbye, Guppy.

Guppy: Goodbye.
There. If you would like to attempt to converse with guppy, visit him here-> Good luck.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Felt like Posting this:


Just so you know, I started a post a couple days ago, and just finished it today, but it's under the date I started on. . . basically, just scroll down two posts, and you'll come to one titled "My List" or something of the sort. Even tho it looks old, IT'S NEW! so. . . read it. :P ;) <3

Monday, November 28, 2011


Bonjour mes amies,

comment ca va?! hah...just jokin'. I'll speak English now! As we always say, we loathe making two posts in a row...but I couldn't HELP myself!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I'm soooo excited! This weekend is our Church's Christmas Festival! I loooove it soooooooooooo much! I can't believe that it's already here! But none the less, I CAN NOT WAAAAIT! :D

Dakota and I always help out! well...for the past few years! WE LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! :D but this year we both have other things going on during it, so we'll be helping on and off, but WHATEVER! and this year the waiting list is over 500 people! OVER FIVE HUNDREEEEED! O: that's CA-RAAAAAZY!...well considering normally it's just over 100(ish)! MAN, WE'RE GONNA DIE! D; haha...juuuuuuuust kidding (hopefully!)

geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, I'm a spazz...BUT I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! IF YOU WERE IN MY SHOES, YOU'D SEE JUST HOW FLIPPIN' EXCITED I AM! :P hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my desktop is still a pretty summer picture of Sarnia though....thought I needed to share that with you! :P

Destiny....needs...slee-- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......


My List

So, both Sunny and Destiny, on their respective blogs, made lists of 100 things they love, like, or have a general fondness for. I would give you links to their posts, but I'm too lazy for that. So just check out A Splash of Ink and This Girl's Viewpoint and find a post that has "list" in the title. Anywho, I thought it was a cool (if long and difficult) thing to do, so. . . here's my list. :D oh, and pardon me if I'm very specific or seem to repeat myself, but it's hard to think of 100 general things you love!

also, these are in no particular order. I just write them down as they come to mind.

1. sleep (gotta love it)

2. sleeping in (gotta love it more!)

3. reading epic fantasy books

4. reading other types of epic books! (very, very rarely non-fic, tho)

5. blogging! :D

6. reading other people's blog posts

7. laughing my head off

8. laughing till I can't breathe (yes, they are different!)

9. watching movies/Tv shows

10. old movies

11. Disney movies!!!! :D (I am a cool kid)

12. Funny movies

13. Psych

14. Merlin (eeeeeeeeee!!!!)

15. video games (yes, I am a nerd. DEAL WITH IT!!!) X)

16. being with friends

17. KITTENS!! :D

18. puppies! :)

19. acting crazy

20. CHOCOLATE!!! specifically white and mint! OOOOOOO!!! (see #21)


22. Christmas (the white ones!)

23. Christmas Festival

24. presents!!

25. going shopping

26. giving/receiving gifts

27. TEA!!

28. chips

29. muffins!

30. cupcakes!

31. ok, lots of different types of junk food.

32. food, in general.

33. tap dancing


35. and, subsequently, The Lord of the Dance (you saw that one coming)

36. fuzzy pajamas!!

37. clothes fresh and warm from the dryer!

38. music

39. Christmas music!

40. writing

41. making lists (hence this post!)

42. organizing things (lol I got a little OCD goin' on here) X)

43. Tycoon computer games (roller coaster, mall, school, zoo!)


45. The Hardy Boys! :D

46. Elvis movies (hehe. . .yes, I'm odd)

47. the weekend!! :D

48. watching/remembering shows I'd watch as a kid

49. ^ ditto for books! ;)

50. being exactly halfway between things! ;D

51. CANADA!!!!

52. OOO! ANYTHING BRITISH!!! XD esp. accents!! ;D

53. hot guys (lol Des!)

54. idk why I just thought of this, but I like birds. the big ones, like hawks and eagles! they're EPIC!!

55. making wishes

56. my family, of course!

57. taking pictures


59. drawing

60. playing with clay and clay-like substances (like play-doh!) :D

61. parades (but not when it's raining or very very cold!)

62. getting dressed up (formal wear, not costumes. well, i guess costumes. . . ) ;)

63. birthdays and the parties thereof

64. sleepovers!!!! tho doubles are better, I'll settle for a single. ;)

65. movie nights!

66. feeling inspired!

67. roller coasters

68. trampolines

69. bouncy castles

70. bright colors

71. that feeling of being blown away

72. pepsi, rather than coke

73. sunsets

74. mountains

75. waves

76. having an epic day at the beach! (whether we get sunburned or not)

77. emoticons! they make messages so much more. . . friendly. :P ;)


79. minty gum! (that kind you have, Des, I'm not really a huge fan of any other type. . .)

80. being almost done something!

81. slacking off. X)

82. summer vacation!

83. Christmas break. ;)

84. feeling fresh and clean after a shower

85. any excuse to be with friends

86. being cozy!

87. CHEESE!! (and pickles!!)

88. learning something interesting

89. playing with Lego. X)

90. playing with Kinex

91. doing puzzles

92. singing

93. colorful socks!!!

94. coloring books! (they're epic!)

95. pictures wherein which I DON'T look like a freak. X)

96. mini golf! (but not when people get rushed to the hospital)

97. creeping around in the dark and feeling NINJA!

98. ninjas!! <3 (duh)

99. MAD LIBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

100. completing something! :D

You know what I DON'T like? The hiccups. I HATES THEM!! X( siiii*hic*iiigh. Hey, that should be our next blog project. No! Not getting the hiccups!! How is that blog-worthy? Or a good idea? No, we should make a list of 100 things we hate, dislike, or are generally unfond of. Well, maybe. X)

Thursday, November 24, 2011




CUZ SUNNY SMITH IS THE BOMB.COM! yes...I DID just say the'm lame, it's already been duelly noted. (WHAT THE HECK DOES DUELLY NOTED MEAN...!?) SHE IS THE BOMB.COM BECAUSE I COULDN'T BLOG! D; because my computer was being DUMB! but I gave her my username and stuff and she FIXED IT!

I was spazzing out yesterday cuz I thought I'd never get to blog again! I was kissing my blogging days good-bye..! )': Seriously, I was sad! I WAS! okaaay...if you must know....actually never mind. I'm not gonna say it! SO HA for you if you wanted to know!

and there really is a my friend Katelyn and I are cool enough that we went on it once! XD it was odd....ish.

Anyway, I was freakin' out cuz I thought this would be a Destiny Diddlesworth-less blog! ): and whats the fun in that cuz everyone knows that I am the coolest! haha...juuuuust kidding


*runs from the room like a maniac*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Static Silence of Cyber-Space

Wow. NO ONE is blogging. Only one blog that I follow has posted recently, and I don't really follow it that much. THIS IS LAME!! X( The blogging world is meant to be abuzz with virtual, one-sided conversations, and newspaper-less articles about life, and movies, and the hot guys therin! But no, we sit and stew in our own homework. Well, you do, apparently. I don't. But still! Pull yourselves together, and then keep it together! So there. ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

heh. . .

So, remember my last post, where I talked about heroes and mysteries? And how, at the end I said I'd talk about villians and stuff? Well, maybe I will at some point, but at the moment, I am WAY too lazy to do that. I'm too lazy to do a lot of stuff at the moment, actually. Even important stuff, that I really should do, like practice for the upcoming winter show at my dance place. And no, for all those concerned, I do NOT know when it ends or exactly how to get tickets. So sorry. But anyway. . . back to my laziness. Like, I'm too lazy to think of something to blog about, or find an interesting way to end this post.

So, see ya.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blueprints of a Mystery: Part 1 ~ The Hero

So, I was looking through this book titled "Writing and Selling your Mystery Novel - How to knock 'em dead with style" by Hallie Ephron. In it, there was a bunch of questions to ask yourself about your characters and so forth, in the form of. . . well, forms. She called them character blueprints. Whether the book or story you're writing is a mystery or not, these questions could be useful.

So, here they are! :D my comment and explanations will be in bold.

Warning: Some content is creepy/dark/violent. If you think you will be offended, stop reading now. If you keep reading and discover that you are indeed offended, you can't say I didn't warn you.

The Premise: Suppose and What if. . . (the basic idea of your story. The example from the book was: Suppose a troubled young man writes violent, explicit sexual fantasies into his personal journal and shares his journal with his therapist [with a problem like that, he'd need a therapist!!]. And what if a series of violent crimes then occur that closely mirror the details of his fantasies. . . I'm sorry, I know that example was severely creepy, but it's the one she gave!)

Your Protaganist (the good guy):

-Name: What do you want it to convey? e.g. strength, vulnerability, age, ethnicity, social class, occupation

-Reason for getting mixed up in investigating crimes?

-Physical Appearance: gender? age? build? most striking feature? hair color, and is it natural? hairstyle? wears what to work? wears what to a formal affair? wears what to bed? facial hair? tattoos? body piercings? scars? ethnicity, and by what physical features could people guess? mannerisms, gestures? health problems? what actor or actress would you cast in the role?

-Present Status and Ambitions (where they are now, and where they want to be): proffession/job? income level? current residence? marital status? reputation? romantic attatchments? children? pets? lifetime achievements?

-Background: birth order? parents (occupation, education, income)? siblings? hometown? grew up in. . .(apartment, ranch house, mansion, etc)? education? always wanted to be what? lost virginity when/how/if? past trauma, formative event? keepsake from the past and what it represents?

-Talents and Skills: most obvious skill? hidden skill? most obvious weakness? hidden weakness? talent? hates doing what?

-Personality Traits: frightened by what? angered by what? finds what kinds of things funny? hates to be kidded about what? finds what attractive in others? finds what annoying in others? has what capacity for physical violence? has what capacity for intimacy? looks up to which heroes and role models? has what nervous tics and obssessive behaviour? uses what, if any swear words when annoyed, angry, or outraged?

-Under Duress: (What would your slueth do if he/she. . .) gets a bad haircut? is enjoying a steak dinner when the woman at the next table lights up a cigar? gets shortchanged at the supermarket? discovers condoms in the purse/pocket of his/her significant other (ew!)? hits a dog while driving, hurrying to the airport to catch a plane? gets propositioned by a beautiful woman/handsome man (idk exactly what that means, but I have a pretty good idea. . .)? breaks down at 2a.m. on a deserted road? finds a diamond ring on a park bench? discovers that a best friend has been embezzling funds from a charity? discovers that his/her brother is a child molester (*shiver*)?

-Tastes and Preferences: favorite place to eat out? eats what for dinner alone on a weeknight? usually orders what at a bar? what book or magazine is usually on the bedside table? listens to what music in the car? favorite thing to do on a quiet Saturday afternoon? favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? ideal vacation? favorite place to hang out? has a weakness for what? collects what? political affiliation? activist for what cause?

-On a Scale of 1 to 10 (first option at 1, second option at 10), is your hero cautious or implusive? aloof of gregarious? analytical or emotional? anxious or easygoing? charming or abrasive? cocky or self-effacing? fastidious or sloppy? honest or deceitful? optimistic or pessimistic? lethargic or energetic? practical or dreamy? sensitive or thick-skinned? stubborn or accomidating? vain or modest?

Well, that's the end of my Protaganist Blueprint. Next, I will tackle victims, villins, and suspects! All of which take much less time than this one. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Fall!

Rain rain go away, come again another...WAIT!! I don't want rain ever! Well, that's a lie, because then all the trees and stuff would die off. How about this, only rain when I don't have to take the bus anywhere, and have it be a nice warm rain shower. Anyways, I wish all days were like this one in the picture. We went walking on thanksgiving:)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

So sorry. . . .

. . . but I have to spaz to you about a certain really hot guy. Because guess what? That's what this blog is about. Not hot guys, necessarily, but our own thoughts, opinions, and obsessions. And guess what else? If you don't like it, you can leave. SO HA!! X)

Actually, I hardly know anything about this guy, except that he's been in some movies. And his name, of course. Alex Pettyfer! But hey, I'm no stalker. He's extremely attractive and apparently, British. Those two factors alone make every other guy on earth (with very, very few exceptions) pale drastically in comparison. Here! Why don't I treat you to some pictures? A couple of our (me and Dessy's) faves. ;)

This one (scroll down) is our absolute FAVORITE!!!! <3 sooooooo amazing. X)

hehehe. ^.^ <3

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Friday, October 21, 2011


Just to avoid confusion, when I say "Yo'", I'm not imitating a rapper, or imitating someone who thinks they're cool, or tough, or a rapper. I'm saying "your" without pronouncing the "r". Just fyi.

Even tho I really want to blog, I'm not sure what to blog about. Hmm. . . . well, this is random, but a while ago-- did I tell you this already? I don't think so. . . . . I'll tell you, regardless or whether I have or haven't. A while ago we watched a movie from the 80's called Short Circuit.

It was such a cute movie!! It's about a robot that comes to life in a freak accident, and just wants to live normally, but can't escape the lab that built him, or the army. Sounds cheesy, yes. But it was the 80's. Unfortunately, that also means there was a lot of swearing, particularily God's name in various forms. Apparently that's normal for 80's movies. So, we tried to ignore that and enjoy the movie. and we did! :D

Let's see. . . what else can I blog about? Umm. . .how about these random song lyrics I heard today? Actually, the first time I heard them was before today, but I heard them today again, so here they are. Don't ask me what the song's called or who sang it. :P

Standin' knee-deep in the water somewhere,
Got a blue-sky breeze blowin' through my hair.
Only worry in the world: "Is the tide gonna reach my chair?"

Lol that's all I remember. Umm. . . . .what else? Uh. . .Me and Wilson have been watching Danny Phantom on Netflix. lol we used to LOVE that show!! still do, apparently. We've watched 48 out of 49 episodes. Well, Wilson has. I've missed a bunch of them. but w/e.

Uh. . OOO!! Book Club tonight!

And right after that, YOUTH! :D And then? SATURDAY!!!!! :D WOOTWOOT!!

Another OOO!! :D MERLIN HAS COME BACK TO US!!!! yes, that's right Merlin fans! If you didn't know already (shame on you if you didn't!!), Merlin season 4 has started airing!! :D JOY TO THE WORLD!! MERLIN HAS COME!! hehehe. I <3 Merlin!! X) hopefully, season 3 will come out on dvd over here soon. it's weird, but british dvd's will not play on north american dvd players. something to do with electrical currents? anywho, that mean we have to wait longer than they do for their awesome british shows to be placed in our hands. OH, WOE!! DESPAIR!! AND ALL THAT JAZZ!! :( ah, well.

btw. . .isn't Snoopy awesome? ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is odd....

Yes ladies and germs-er-gentlemen, you heard me. Destiny Diddlesworth's first words are; this is odd....

BUT IT IS! The bloggy thing looks different...but whatevaaaaaaahh...

I am talking to Sunny on MSN and listening to music. That's usually what I'm doing when I blog, like no JOKE! NO. JOKE. AT. ALL. That's pretty much what I'm always doing.

I SHOULD GO ON, Destiny. Just no...restrain yourself GOODness sakes! /:

That's me spazzing at my personal self.

Today is Thursday! and tomorrow I can sing Friday by Rebecca Black! We all love her, I'm sure! (; hehehehe.


I had a rather busy but exciting day. I finished all my homework in class (hurrayyyyy..) and then I came home and chilled, and had supper, did German school homework, read up to the end of chapter 22 in Blink, then had a shower and then came on the computer and promptly began chatting with Sunny Smith.




....where'd she go! 0.o

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Random Thought. . . . .

Hmm. . . . . something should explode. . . . wouldn't that be EXCITING?!?!?! :D yes, yes it would. But only if no one got hurt. Because that would suck. :(



Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 in Destiny's Life

So hear I am relaxing on the couch, listening to cars drive by through the open and smelling the delicious meaty smell of roasting turkey...yuuuum.

I know I've been on Twitter too much when I want to write #yuuum instead of just plain yuuuum. If you're not a tweeter, you'll probably have NOOO clue what I'm babbling on about!

Anywaay, here's what I did this weekend!

Saturday: was pretty lazy actually! I relaxed in the morning and did some homework then went grocery shopping in the afternoon to mostly buy a turkey but bought other stuff too. Then I ended the day by getting my hair straightened by my mom!

Sunday: I went to church as I would every Sunday. (That just reminded me of: Toby washes the dishes like he did every afternoon. Only, this time he'd be visited by none other than Mr. Timn.)

Then we came home for lunch and then went off to our Grandpa's house where my brother Hunter and I hung out with our cousins. Hunter and Ryan played video games mostly. Catherine and I went on a walk around the block and then went on a trail. It was sooo nice! Normally the weather is chilly on Thanksgiving, but it is soo warm this year! I am wearing shorts today as I was yesterday! Then Cat and I played on her laptop. Pretty soon, we had to go out for supper. We went to Ennio's which if you don't know, is an AMAZING pasta place! It was soooo good! I had cheese cappaletti and then my mom and I shared a New York cheesecake with berries for dessert. We went back to my Grandpa's and watched Battle of the Blades and then all...8 of us (three had gone home), managed to amuse ourselves with an app on my Uncle's iPad. We got home late and then went to bed.

Monday (today): I chilled this morning and then went to a rehearsal for a singing thing I have going on tomorrow. That was soooo fun. Then I came home and ate lunch, finished my homework and now I'm just chilling again!
In an hour or so, my Opa and Uncle are coming over for a turkey dinner. Then, once they leave my family and I are going to see the movie Courageous. I'm excited to see it! The showtime is late though..

Anyway, ttyl! (:


Happy Thanksgiving, guys!! :D and girls. but you know what I mean! ;D


which i love. ^.^ <3

On another, completely unrelated note, we watched two James Bond movies last night. One old one (like, mid-sixties?) with Sean Connery (Thunderball),

and a newer one (2006) with Daniel Craig (Casino Royal).

It took us about 4 and a half hours to complete, mostly due to the new one being two and a half hours long, and several snack breaks. If you know ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL about James Bond, then you'll know that his movies are filled to the brim with sex scenes. ugh. I mean, fine, you're a wolf, and to you, women are meaningless pleasures. CAN YOU AT LEAST NOT SHOW US?!?!?! k thanks. It wasn't so bad in the older one, but in the newer one, we had to fast forward several scenes, causing us to miss some things about the story, which was annoying. Also. . . . . . actually, no, I'm not going to mention that. Not on Thanksgiving. And so, I change the topic.

Umm. . . .

CHRISTMAS IS SO FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D': *SOB* And November is such a long month!!! :'( BUT! it is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and that compensates. Even tho I haven't been all that into writing lately....but I will try! :D plus Dessy's b-day is in Novemeber, and that is also exciting. :D of course, there's still a couple of exciting things left in October as well. . . . so I guess I shouldn't complain. :)

TURKEY!!!!! :D

p.s. Can EpicPlay please go die in a hole? idk about you guys, but our comp keeps popping up with these random advertisements and messages, and at the top it always says EpicPlay. RAWRG!!!! i am not a fan. X(

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Heeey! So I haven`t posted on here much lately because, well...I haven`t been on the computer much. I am actually using my brother`s latop right now because OUR REGULAR COMPUTER IS BROKEN! D; well, I did get that app on my iPod where I can blog from there....DUUUUUUH! But I suppose I prefer making lengthy blogs from the computer. Don`t get me wrong here, I loove blogging on my brother`s laptop because I have an odd little obsession with laptops! THE KEYBOARDS FEEL SOO COOL! ;P I`m an odd one I know..

SO YAAAAH...we might be getting just a new moniter because it seems to be the thing not working..but my mom was thinking that we should all just get our own laptops. I`m game for that, but something tells me my dad`ll say otherwise....SAAADD.Either way, I`m content for now just using my iPod or my brother`s laptop.

Anywhoooooo, it`s Thanksgiving weekend! :D HURRAH! If you`re American, you may be thinking, `whaaaaaat` WELL WE`RE CANADIAN SO BAAAAAAAAM! :P haha...ok then. I`m excited, but we`re going to a pasta place tomorrow so I`m sad cuz I WANT TURKEY! D; Poor Dessy... Anyway, that`s all from me for noooow!

P.P.S. The laptop was stupid and wouldn't publish the post, so I copied and pasted it, and e-mailed it to myself (and that was stupid too and wouldn't work at first..) but, s'all good now(: and I AM on my iPod atm! Ttyl for REAAAL!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

LOL cats

So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite funny cat pictures I found yesterday, just because. . . . .


Alright, I think this next one was photoshopped, but I don't care, b/c it's still really cute!!

btw, yes, cat pics always have horrendous spelling and grammer. But that just makes them cuter! X) but, to understand it, you pretty much just have to sound it out.

Hey, look, a Lord of the Rings reference!

Guys, THIS is the kind of bouquet I want!! XD

Lol the justice league. X) We used to watch that. . . . not with kitties, tho. X)

Lol sunny! Covert affairs!! XD

That's all. . . . . . . for now! ;)

Monday, October 3, 2011

I've been painting MWHAHAHAHA...

Alright well, I don't really know what invoked the evil laughter, but never mind. Another matter for another time.

So, I have been neglecting my written work and feeding the starving artist in me over the past week or so. I thought I'd share. Here's a couple pics of a recent painting and a pic of my cheapy dollarama paint set:P Enjoy

P.S. I may or may not be a little vain...
P.P.S. Let it Snow just came on shuffle! PLEASE NO SNOW!!! NOT YET!!!
P.P.P.S. Yes, I gave her sunglasses. I didn't want to draw eyes, don't judge me! lol

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pencil lead

On monday, when I was at tap, Dee (the teacher) was playing various songs, several of them Michael Buble, including Fever and All of Me. The one I noticed the most was Sway (lol Dessy!). I could barely keep myself from breaking down in hysterical laughter. Charlotte--wait. this way will be easier:

radio: *Sway*

me: *snicker*

Charlotte: *looks at me like "what the heck is your problem?"*

me: *whisper* "I know this song."

Charlotte: *thinking* "riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. weirdo.

HA! and that is my narrative. Actually, I don't even know why that struck me as funny. . . . . just because me and Dessy have a very slight obsession with it, possibly. ;)

LOL!! I was just on FB and saw this pic:

BAHAHAHA!!! when I saw that, I literally stopped and stared for a minute before cracking up. X) HA!! anyhow....

Idk why i just thought of this, but then, randomness IS the point of this blog. So! A while ago me and my fam watched this movie from the 80's called short circuit. It's about a robot who comes to life, and just wants to live like a normal person, but of course, can't. It's such a cute movie!! Except there's a lot of swearing, mostly the abuse of God's name, but apparently that's normal for an 80's movie. :S still.

Another random moment!

or, average. :)

PICKLES AND CHEESE!! hey, I had that yesterday! on a hamburger. :9 mmmmmm........!

now I want a hamburger. . . . but we're having bacon and eggs for lunch, and that's good, too! :D

actually, I suddenly really want it to be Christmas Festival, so me and Dessy can help out, and steal PICKLES AND CHEESE from the snack table!! :D she steals the pickles, I steal the cheese! BUT IT'S SOOO FAR AWAY!!! :'( sad face.


well, I can't end this post on a depressed note, sooo................

YOUTH IS TONIGHT!! and it sounds like fun! :D AND THERE WILL BE FOOOOOOOD!!!!

since it's (K)Nights of the Round Table (even tho we don't have a round table big enough for all of us), we should all dress up like medieval people and watch MERLIN!!!!!! X) b/c that would be EPIC!

hmm......a clothespin........why is it here?

something to think about!

p.s. by this time, you are probably searching frantically for anything that even remotely relates to pencil lead. Well, I'll tell you: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! HA!! suckers. X)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Go There!

Check out the Jello Cube!

Friday, September 23, 2011

sniff sniff

So here I am...sick! BLAAAAAAAH!

I only have a cold, so I won't DIE or anything! It came on kind of quickly though, which is surprising! On Wednesday night, I had a headache and felt kinda weak and tired. Then my nose and throat started to feel funny. Then yesterday I woke up and I was sick! ): In a way, I am kinda happy that it came on that way because most of the time I get a sore throat for like 2-3 days...WOAH! I almost typed 203 days! O: buuuuuuuuut anyway, sore throats are ANNOYING! D:

so yeeeeeeeehh..I don't know what else to say, other than the fact that today was a PD day, and I'm feeling better so I can go to Youth tonight! :D I'm soooo glad! Youth is one of my favourite things in the WOOOOOOOOORLD so I would be a depressed little Destiny if I had to stay home! D;


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