Monday, November 1, 2010

. . . yes. . . .

LOL so, we (that is, my family and I. Not extended family, mind you! My immediate family) were sitting around the dinner table having just finsihed supper, and Wilson (my bro, for those of you who weren't paying attention) asked to be excused. Then we somehow started talking about love, and after some conversation, we decided that Joe never listened. Yes. . . it's a long story, and involves many toilets. So don't even ask. :P :D

SO! how was everyone's Halloween? Ours was OK. we didn't get many people, tho, so we still have LOTS of candy left over. :9

SADNESS!!!! there is no one online. And our house creaks so much, that if I ever wanted a midnight snack, I would wake everyone up trying to get it!!!! Well, maybe not everyone, necessarily. But there's a pretty good chance.
BED: *creak creak creak groan*
BEDROOM FLOOR: *creak creeeeaaak creak creak*
STAIRS: *creak creakcreak creak creak creak CREAK CREAK CREAK*
("creak" no longer looks or sounds like a word.)
LIVING ROOM FLOOR: *creeeeak creak*
KITCHEN FLOOR: *squeak squeak squeak*
FRIDGE: *creeeak HUMMMMMM creak SLAM!*
(repeat process backwards, minus the fridge.)

oh, look! someone online! well, there's one problem solved.


....hehehe, yea.

well, my fellow caged night owls, I bid you scram! go find something intelligent to do. unlike me! I will be working on my evil plans--I mean, working on my. . . . puzzle. Yes, that's it. (grins maniacly, laughs evilly, disappears in a puff of black smoke)



  1. Sounds of my midnight snacking:

    Bed: slight creak
    Feet on Floor: shuffle shuffle shuffle
    stairs: CREAK CREAK CREAK thump
    Fridge: hmmmmm slup HMMMMMMMM thump hmmmmmmm

    wash rinse repeat


  2. What cake Sunny?! :P

    and...was it ME that came online!??! hehe....

    For MY snacking...
    Bed: SPROIIING! (That would be the springs of my bed) :P
    Bedroom floor: shuffle shuffle.
    Since I don't use stairs to get to the kitchen I'll say hallway: shuffle, shuffle, creeak, shuffle, shuffle.
    Fridge: Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak.
    Me: OM NOM! FOOD! :P JK i wouldn't be THAT loud! :P

  3. LOL you guys! I probably wouldn't even be awake at midnight. Well, maybe. But probably not. ;)

    and.....srry, Sunny was on first. ;) :D


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