Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haha woooooooooow! Top 5's

I just realized how I haven't blogged on here in ages! I really should get it together, I thought to myself! So here I am bloggin! For lack of a better topic I'm going to make a list of my most listened to songs on itunes:)

1. New Soul ~ Yael Naim
2. The Way I Am ~ Ingrid Michealson
3. I'm Yours ~ Jason Mraz
4. Syndicate ~ The Fray
5. Eet ~ Regina Spektor

Now for the top 5 songs in the recently played list:

1. Discombobulate ~ Hans Zimmer
2. Heartache Tonight ~ Michael Bublé
3. Cry Me A River ~ Michael Bublé
4. Dream ~ Michael Bublé
5. A Foggy Day (In London Town) ~ Michael Bublé

Hmmmm I wonder what artist I'm into right now?

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