Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food That I LOOOVE! ....Not Chicken, surprisingly! :P

Heeeeeeey lovely fans!

Lately, I've been LOVING and CRAVING Chinese food!! I mean, as long as it's not too spicy, I love it!
Oh! My favourites you ask?!

Chicken balls with sweet and sour sauce, spring rolls...AND THOSE SKINNY NOODLES THAT ARE JUST SOOO EPIC! ;D

LOL! I just wanted to make this random post because I had chinese food for supper. I had sweet and sour chicken on rice and THOSE EPIC SKINNY NOODLES..but they weren't AS epic as they could have been cuz they had too many veggies in 'em. I am not a veggie hater, but I just think those noodles are good with a light sauce and bean sprouts. NO GREEN ONIONS OR ANYTHING! :P

AAAAAAAAAAAANYway! Sunny and I have this whole thing about Chinese noodles (the EPIC ones...remember?).
So, when we went to this mall thing and had lunch in the food court, Sunny got Chinese food. She had those noodles and I was saying "I loove those!" So Sunny said "Oh, do you want some?" And I said yep, and she gave me some on my napkin. THEY WERE GOOD!

Point of that story: Whenever we're talking on MSN and one of us has just had Chinese noodles for supper/lunch then we usually say "Oh, I had those Chinese noodles for supper and I thought of you!"

HAHA! We're just EPIC!

So... Sunny, I thought of you when I had those noodles! :D

LOL! Destiny~♥

P.S. I really want to make a RANDOM blog post with Dakota right now... when we're SPAZZING! XD

....ttyl! :P


  1. For all y'all info: They're called pan fried noodles! and I LOVE them! I had them for lunch today and I was like "lizzzzzzzzy"

  2. I LOVE CHINESE (fried?) RICE!!! why do I think it's fried? i have nooooooo idea. ANYway, I LOVE IT! (not noodles, RICE!) LOL

  3. Destinyy D.31 October, 2010

    Riiiiiiight Sunny!! You've got it!!

    And the rice IS good, Kota...but I THINK THE NOODLES ARE EPIC-ER!! :D


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