Monday, October 11, 2010


LOL!! I have this pink squishy pillow that Dessy and I named Kevin (pronounced Kev-een). I also have this other pillow, which I recently decided to name CHESWICK!! lol!!! that name makes me laugh! :D HA!

hahahaha! recently Wilson and I were introduced to something called the "too fat polka." It's. . . well, here's the link:

so you can judge for yourself. It's sort of an oldie. :P :D LOL i like it.

AND another thing. haha we were watching Psych (which, in case you didn't know, is a TV show about a guy who pretends to be psychic. its really funny! if a little. . .crude at times. but its not too bad. definitely not nearly as bad as a lot of junk out there.). Anyhow, we were watching Psych, and I decided to blog about a certain scene that we found quite humerous. :D

~Shawn (the pretend psychic) comes into office, sees their secretary, goes into next room.~

Shawn: "Who is that guy?"

Gus (Shawn's best friend and business associate): "Leslie."

Shawn: "No, no, no! That can't be! Leslie is supposed to be a swimsuit model!"

Gus: "Unfortunately, he is."

Shawn: "I have to call the agency. They're completely misrepresenting their clientelle."

Gus: "Leslie is a guy's name, too."

Shawn: "We have to fire him."

Gus: "On what grounds?"

Shawn: "On what grounds?! On the grounds that he's a dude!"

Gus: "That's discrimination! We can't do that!"

Shawn: "Gus. What woman is going to look at us twice if we're sharing our office with that ridiculous Adonis?"

Gus: "You hired him. You figure it out."

Shawn: "Gus, you know I can't fire people! They look too sad. . . ."

~Gus looks indifferent; Shawn gets idea.~

~Leslie gets a text message. Shawn and Gus quickly exit. Text message reads "YOU'RE FIRED!"~

End Episode.

LOL!! :D oh ya! one more thing. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


  1. hahahaha i watched that ep! it was funny!:P

  2. CHESWICK! XD Which pillow is that?
    And I haven't seen that ep, but I SHOULD! :D HAAAAAHHA! ;D

  3. the <3 pillow. :D and LOL i don't remember what ep that was. . . . .OH YA!! "Who ya gonna call?" that's what it was called. :P :D

  4. OOOOH! THAT pillow! :P I didn't know where you got Cheswick from, but wasn't it from that "Psych nicknames" thing? Cuz I watched that again today and heard that one! :D

  5. LOL no, i don't think i got it from there. :P :D i just randomly came up with it.


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