Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Million Things


Do you ever think of something really good, but don't write it down, and then you forget? I thought of so many things, "Oh, I could blog about that!" "That would make a good blog post!" "I should blog about that." But, as you can probably guess (unless you weren't paying attention), I didn't write any of them down, and now, I have NO idea what they were.

Ah, well. No use crying over spilt ideas! I will blog about. . . . . . . . . X-MEN!!!!! LOL So, Wilson and I discovered this show on YouTube called X-Men Evolution.

 IDK why it's called that. Well, I know why it's called X-men, obviously, but I have no idea why the "evolution" part is in it. Anyway, we started watching it (it's a cartoon!) and we liked it! And as we went along we discovered that we had seen some of the episodes before, on TV. Of course, at the time we saw it first, we had no idea what in the world it was. But, when we saw it on YouTube and understood everything, we thought it was pretty cool. Everyday, we would check to see if another episode had been uploaded. After we finished watching all four seasons, we introduced it to Sunny and Dessy. Dessy didn't seem too interested, but Sunny seems to like it. :D

Anyway, about the show itself. For those of you who don't know, it's about these kids (and adults!) that have special powers: telepathy, telekenisis, flight, teleportation, fire, ice, you get the picture. Professer X (telepathy, telekenisis) owns a mansion, into which he invites "mutant" kids to live and learn to control their powers. Helping him are Aurora (a.k.a. Storm, weather manipulation), Hank (season 2, a.k.a. Beast, ape-like powers and appearance), and, of course, Logan (a.k.a. Wolverine, amplified sense of smell and hearing, self-healing, claws).

It can be a bit corny and/or cliche at times, but overall, it's pretty good! Another show that Wilson and I like is TMNT, but more about that later. . . .


  1. I love x-men evolution! Espically the character Toad!:D

  2. I am so proud of you all!! Blogging about X-Men.

    Evlotion was a great series, BUT the original X-Men from the mid 90's was even more epic!! I have the entire series in my dorm.

    Wolverine's adimantium skeleton wins!!

  3. P.S. @ J.T.I.
    Thanks for changing the colour of your blog!:P

  4. Great blog Kote. I didn't say that I don't like it, buuuut w.e.

  5. i didn't say that you didn't like it, either. i just said that you didn't seem too interested in it. :D


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