Friday, September 24, 2010


LOL HISHE stands for How it Should Have Ended. IT'S SO FUNNY!! it has little cartoons for a TON of movies. one of my faves is How Superman Returns should have ended. Here are the words, just because. (i may be paraphrasing at parts, so bear with me)

Lex Luthor: (says something about his missles and how Superman will never be able to catch them.) "...While I, on the other hand, with my detonator--"

Superman: "Wait. What did you say about me?"

Lex: "You'll never catch them in time?"

S: "Yeah, that's the part."

L: "....While I, with my detonator--"

S: "Hold on one second."

~Flies through the roof, comes back 2 seconds later with 2 giant missles.~

S: "Are there the missles you were talking about, Lex?"

L: "Yes!"

S: "I mean, I flew around the earth a few times, and these were the only giant missles I could find. But you said I couldn't possible catch them both, so these must not be the ones you were talking about."

L: "Yes! Those are the ones, just PLEASE! Get them outta here!"

S: "You diseased maniac!"

Batman: "So then what'd you do?"

S: "oh, the usual. Made sure they put Luther away, made out with Lois for a little bit, flew out into space, smiled for the camera."

B: "Sweet."

S: "Yeah, but get this. Turns out Luther had this piece of Kryptonite that would have tottaly ruined me if he had just whipped it out. But instead, he tells me his evil plan first, then tries to trick me into finding the Kryptonite myself! What's up with that?"

B: "Villans are stupid."

S: "I know, right?"

B: "You know what I would have done? I would have thrown a Batarang at him, then tied him up."

S: "And, what about the missles?"

B: "Oh, I would've had some Bat Missle Defense gadjet. . .in my belt."
S: "Dude--"
B: "I would!"
S: "Come on. You use that utility belt senario for every situation."
B: "I'm Batman."
S: I know you are. You say that A LOT."
B: "I carry things in my belt. It's what I do. 'Cause I'm Batman."
S: "Dude, It's cool!"
LOL! haha I love that. And it continues a little in How Spiderman 3 should have ended, which is doubly funny b/c Superman and Batman come from DC comics, while Spiderman comes from Marvel. :) BUT! i'm not going to tell you what it says. you'll have to watch it for yourselves. So, here are the links. remember, watch the Superman one first.

superman ~

spiderman 3 ~

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