Friday, August 6, 2010


hey peeps!! Destiny is eating a yucky Advil tablet. it is chewable, so she has to taste it. :( ANYWAY, we got here today, and we went to the river by the bridge by the border!! and we stood in the water and got SOAKED!!!!! bahahahahaha. we also had fries and ICE CREAM. then we inflated this GIANT air matress.

it is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lol that's not what it looks like fyi) Destiny and I are sharing it, b/c it is queen sized. as BEST FRIENDS, for all you perverts out there. my my. and apparently my new nickname is jacket. HA!! oh we also met Sunny's cousin Andrew. ya..... :P oh wow. don't ask, the others are just being weird. now they are confuzzling me. oh well. we are all on the matress and are inflating and deflating it. TEDDY BEAR STUFFING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aw, a chip. I MISS my family. which includes the cat!! :D BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! just sorta. ttyl!! stay tuned for updates!! byeeeee!!

beep boopboop bah.
a ee ah oo ahh!!!!
and the tank top's like, "WOO!"




    All that stuff ROCKED yesterday.


  2. it was like liquid sugar!


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