Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ho Hum Doe Drum

So anyone have any good blogging ideas? ME ME PICK ME! I've got one! I'm gonna write you a short story so here goes! Enjoy!

Once apon a time in the land of Floweria there lived a bunch of pansies. These pansies aren't the flowers that we find in our gardens, they were a bunch of timid men that let there women folk protect them when the evil Bumbly Bees raided there little log huts.

The women of the land of Floweria all rode Helen Davidson motorcycles and ran Helen's Bikes. Long ago in Floweria, Helen had to take over for Harley in his motorcyle business, that's how all this biker chicness started. A typical conversation in Helen's went something like this:
"We've got a new order for a hot pink bike!" Helen yelled over the intercom. The workers donned there gloves and welding materials and fired up the old furnace. Quickly they set to work with a sad manner. They would finish the bike quickly and efficently, but it didn't give them the pleasure that they yearned for. In truth the women wanted to work at the company across town called Bloggin Inc. They only worked for Helen because there husbands and brothers wouldn't and they loved there bikes too much to let the business go.
Anyways, all the pansies worked in the local supermarket and had to build up there courage in order to serve there customers. In truth the pansies, overwise known as men, were frightened to death of fire and didn't even like motorcycles! So they all worked in the grocery store. Typical scene in the supermarket would go something like this:
"Clean up in isle two" Larry called over the intercom. "The BBQ display was trashed. Again."
Due to their fear of fire they just wanted to get rid of the BBQ display because they knew that sooner or later the BBQ would randomly burst into flames.
So the people of Floweria lived out there days like that until one day Chuck Norris happened to come upon it! He marched into the supermarket and put all the pansies threw vigorous training to become real men. After a week Norris Boot camp the men returned to Helen's, well Harley's now and the women went to work at Bloggin Inc. Than the grocery store went out of business because nobody wanted to work there. Finally Chuck Norris bought the store and turned it into a karate studio. Floweria got Chuck Norrised!

The end!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Great way to bring in our good friend Chuck. Remember when he was in Sarnia?! And Kota and I had to stop the Dakota and Dessy show because he was coming out of the bathroom?! :P
    My next post on TFOD will be about our bff Chuck! XD

  2. LOL ahahahahaha yes i remember that!! :D :D lol sunny your story is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!! i lol'd. ;D


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