Saturday, July 3, 2010

FYI and the Visit (with a touch of Reader's Digest)

OK PEOPLE!! I just wanted to let you know, I changed the name of my personal blog from Kitten Kapers to Kitty Tails. ha, ha, ha, lame, i know. BUT I DON'T CARE!! so don't even go there.

O potato. . . Yu are teh only wun who undrstandz meh. . . .

WE (me and Wilson) just got back from visiting our friends. They used to live near us, but then they moved, (AGAIN!!) and now live about an hour away, so they don't come to our church anymore. :( anywho, we arrived there at 3 (approx) on Tuesday, and left this morning (Saturday) at 9-ish. There wasn't much to do there, but we had fun, anyway. :D We went mini-golfing with their youth group! it is SO MUCH BIGGER than ours!! on a regular night, they get about 30 kids!! last night they had 44!!!! it was a lot of fun. :D Wilson didn't get hit in the head with a golf club this time, either. ;) afterwards, we (us, them, and the youth group) went back to their house (b/c their dad's the youth pastor) and had ice cream!!!! :D :D :D

The Book, as well as at least 3 unnamed ones, are in the making. also, The Book might not be called The Book once it's finished. We'll have to wait and see.


  1. hahaha he didn't get hit in the head:P

    As for youth groups: Less is more!:D

  2. LOL. That sounds like lots of fun!!! What kind of ice cream was it?? :P

  3. oh and I like Kitty Tails! :) It is really cute and funny! :D

  4. Anonymous08 July, 2010

    haha I cant believe he didnt get hit iin the head this time! HAHA that was sooo funny. But I do remember when our youth group was big...just sayin...
    And i do agree...icecream is pretty awesome!

  5. Anonymous08 July, 2010

    Our youth group used to be way bigger Sunny Smith! Just sayin...
    and I do agree...icecream's amazing in summer! And cant wait for the nook!

  6. there was chocolate, vanilla, and. . . i'm not sure what it's really called, but i just call it "napolian" ice cream. that's the kind with choc, vanilla, and strawberry flavors in it.

    and thank you, anon(#2)!! encouragement is appreciated. :D


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