Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey everyone.

I am really bored right now, and I decided to blog. Sunny was bugging me to blog yesterday so is my blog. I am bored..
I am listening to Dynamite. It is a song by the dude who wrote Break Your Heart.
THE FANG SONG!!! EVILNESS!! LOL, only my friend Tiffany would get that.
Fang is a dude in this book, I don't mean fang like the tooth. That would be weird. btdubs, the Fang song is Break Your Heart, not Dynamite. OK? If I am being utterly confusing, that is ok, because I am just rambling to make this entry longer. I am going to interview my friend about the Fang song!

You: Hey Guppy!
Guppy: You've got my full attention. Can you speak any foreign languages?
You: Yes. Can I interview you?
Guppy: That's alright.Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
You: Do you know the Fang song?
Guppy: Oops. I wasn't paying attention. Tell me again what is going on.
You: Do you know the Fang song?
Guppy: Oops. I wasn't paying attention. Tell me again what is going on.
You: I am interviewing you?
Do you mind if I tell other people you are interviewing you?.
You: go ahead
Guppy: OK I will.
You: have you heard the Fang song?
Guppy: No. Tell me more.
You: Well, it is this song about a boy breaking a girls heart
Guppy: I think Well, it is a lot of things.
You: You don't make sense
Guppy: Interesting gossip:
undefined said I don't make sense.
You: Riiiight. That is all the time we have for today's interview.
Guppy: Do you have any conditions I should know about?
What else do you want to talk about?
You: Check out Super Hyper Human Beings! Bye!
Guppy: Checking...stand by.
You: What did you think?
Guppy: Nothing.
You: So you didn't like the blog?
Guppy: Interesting deduction. Interesting gossip:
undefined said I didn't like the blog?.
You: Wow. Bye!
Guppy: I'm glad your impressed, undefined.Who are you talking about?
You: BYE!
Guppy: Are you still located in undefined?
You: Bye
Guppy: Bye for now.

That is our interview from

P.S. It took him long enough to say bye! :P


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