Thursday, June 10, 2010


I feel left out of the things about me, so I will tell you things about me! Probably only 10, like Kota, but maybe more, if I can think well.
1: I get homesick pretty easily.
2: I am not 100% excited for high school.
3: I believe you can have more than 1 best friend.
4: I have never gone camping.
5: I am pretty emotional. (NOT like emo!)
6: Subjects that I don't like, I am pretty good at.
7: I got braces on June 1st, and they are not as bad as everyone says.
8: I am not as random as Kota or Sunny.
9: I like chicken pot pie and chicken nuggets.
10: I am going to stop now because I don't know anything else about me, that is random....

If you have any questions for/about me, just go ahead and ask. I will try my best to answer! :)



  1. Nobody's ever 100% excited about highschool;) but when you get there it will be lots of fun, plus your bro can always bail you out if anything really bad happens:P That comforted me, that Sha would be around, but I never even needed her to bail me out!:D and you won't either!!!:D

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth10 June, 2010

    Thx for that! <3


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