Thursday, June 10, 2010

JellyBeans, Templates, and Beatboxing!

Hello Everyone!
If you haven't noticed we've made some changes to the blog! As you can see we have a new and improved backround, JELLYBEANS! Blogger introduced some new templates and this was among them. Of course we added our own flare, so enjoy and be sure to vote in the pole about it!

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering about the beatboxing part well I'm going to give you a brief lesson in beatboxing! You're probably saying, Sunny teach us beatboxing?! HA! thats a joke! Thats the point!:P Well anyways, I found this article and it gave me quite a hoot and amused me for quite some time!

Here goes!:

So we're gonna learn these classic sounds: Kick drum, High-hat, and Snare drum in my mini blogging series about beatboxing! First ones first, the kick drum!

Kick Drum~ Say the letter "b"
You need to make it louder and punchier so you need to let air vibrate through your lips- a bit like "blowing a rasberry"- This is called lip oscillation
Make the b sound as if you wear going to say "bogus"
Now do it with your lips closed, let the pressure built up
Now you just need to control the release of your lips to let them vibrate for a short time. Practise makes perfect (well nearly!:P)

There you go! This has been "Beatboxing with Sunny", join us next time for "Beatboxing with Sunny: Part 2!" promotional consideration by "Air. We use it, we need it. One breath at a time. When you're gasping, just gulp some air. AIR (acessable EVERYWHERE!)"

P.S. I was told to add this: in check out our personal blogs and the jello cube and vote on the poles and comment blah blah blah:P you get the picture, people!


  1. JELLYBEANS!! they're making me hungry. ;) lol beatboxing.

    I LOVE that commercial!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. Destiny Diddlesworth11 June, 2010

    Is that a REAL commercial? Or is it real as of now?


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