Monday, June 21, 2010


Hello everyone! today I will teach you in 3 easy steps how to tell if your icy treat is an ice cream bar, or a fudgsicle. please make note, that these are on sticks. now, let us begin.

step 1: take a bar out of the freezer.
step 2: gently squeeze the edge of the bar.
step 3: pay attention to what you feel. if you can feel it crackle slightly under your fingers, it is an ice cream bar. if not, it's a fudgesicle.

there you have it! a fool-proof way to see under the white wrapper without tearing it. see you next time, on Stuff That's Good to Know but Won't Really Help You in Life. promotional consideration by Creamsicles, the orange ice cream bar that can be easily told apart from anything else, even inside the wrapper, because of it's bright color!

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