Thursday, June 24, 2010


Right now I am I am going to talk about the best topic: FOOD!!!!!!!!!

Food Defenition: any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc. (From

My favourite foods: cheese burgers, lasagna, breakfast sausages, nachos, mashed potatoes, onion rings, brownies, ice cream, cheesecake and lots more, a lot being desserts and such.

Now for my favourite meals that I haven't nessescarily had, but would choose if I could pick anything.

Breakfast: pancakes with hot blueberry sauce and ice cream with breakfast sausages, and hot chocolate.
Lunch: cheese burger with fries or onion rings and pop. I can't really decide on which pop right now.
Supper: ribs with mild sauce on them, mashed potatoes and creamed corn.
Dessert: Brownies with icecream and chocolate sauce.

I hope I made everyone hungry! :P



  1. Oh yah! :D I am reaaaaaaaally hungry now! :) I hope I have something I like for supper! :)

  2. yum! I like it.

    I will now make you salivate at my ideal meal day

    Breakfast: toast w PB, , fruit, chocolate milk (pretty simple but it gets better)

    Lunch: homemade toasted sub: Smoked turkey, swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, cuucumber. on a toasted garlic cheese bun. BBQ sauce and ranch! with a side of my almost famous homemade chips!

    Dinner: BBQ Ribs slathered in my homemade Sweet n Spicy sauce, Caesar Salad, mixed veg, maybe more taters?
    dessert: Peannut Butter Cup Ice Cream

    other fav foods: doritos, quesaldias, MONTREAL SMOKED MEAT AND BAGELS!!! General Tao (cough*Scotsman*cough), steak, chicken wings, I LOVE ALL fruit, and any kind of dessert

    hungry now?


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