Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dragonflies, etc.

idk if any of you have watched The Swan Princess, it's an old-ish cartoon and NOT barbie, thank you very much. i have nothing against barbie, she just happens to not be a part of that particular movie. ANYWAY! this is an exerpt (oo! good word) from that movie.

Odette: "Is beauty all that matters to you?"
Prince Derek: "What there?"
Rogers: "WHAT ELSE IS THERE?!? she asks 'is beauty all that matters?' and you say, 'WHAT ELSE IS THERE?!?"
Prince Derek: "It was dumb, I know!"
Rogers: "You should write a book; 'How to Offend Women in 5 Syllables or Less'"

LOL!!!!!! i LOVE that!!!!!!! hahaha that movie is soooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!! at least to me. Wilson seems to like it, too. :D

Oh yes. You might be wondering just WHAT this has to do with dragonflies. Well, the truth is, NOTHING! YES! HAHA! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! :D

also, i'm reading books about Sherlock Holmes when he was 13. he makes me MAD!! but that's for another time.

when in doubt, PORCUPINE!!!!!


  1. I like those books! And I want to watch that movie! Can u lend it to me?:)


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