Monday, June 14, 2010

Beatboxing Part 2!

Hey everyone out there! I bring you another episode of, drumroll please, beatboxing with Sunny! Brought to you byyyyyyyyyyy ME (and a little help from google!:P)! So here it goes!

In this segment of our show you can recap what we've learned. If you missed the first lesson be sure to check it out here: So far we've learned how to do the kickdrum and today we'll learn how to do the high-hat! Enjoy!

Step number one: Make a "st" sound with your teeth closed or lightly closed.
Move the tip of your tongue forward behind your front teeth for a thin hat sound.
Breath out for longer to create the open hat sound.

This has been, Beatboxing with Sunny. Promotional consideration by benches. The thing you put your rear end on. Found at: Parks, Street corners and Bench stores. See you next time on Beatboxing with Sunny!


  1. LOL i luv your promoters. ;)

  2. beat boxing is cool...I once did a freestyle spoken word rap of the gospel of Matthew. while my buddy beatboxed...also:

    you gotta check out the beatboxing flutist

    its more epic than....... triple chocolate cheesecake :P

    (well... maybe)

  3. hahaha im gonna look at that video:P

  4. That was epic! Check this one out:

  5. lol i watched both the vids. funny!! and awesome. ;) he looked a little red in the face at some parts. ;) lol i would too. also, i don't think you'd want to be standing too close to him while he was doing that, at least not without an umbrella. ;D


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