Thursday, June 24, 2010


I had a cinamon raison bagel like two minutes ago and it was yummy! It reminded me of Montréal bagels:D Excuse my drooling, but bagels and tzatziki! Can we say YUM?! They were really quite scrumdidlyuptious! The last time I had them was at the Hunger Strike when Jaye had his sister, I believe, bring them from Montréal. I remember the first time I had them in Montréal, we were in this random parking lot/patch of cement beside the shop and Jaye still had his cast on. They were really good! So ya! Bagels are cool!
P.S. I made a new personal blog 1000 awesome things:D


  1. ok thats it.. who votes that when I return, we gotta do a bagel road trip?

  2. we'll bring along Scotsman just so he can have General Tao one more time :P


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