Friday, June 18, 2010

100th Post!

Yes everyone it is the 100th post on Super Hyper Human Beings!! I've been waiting so that I could do the 100th post!:D Ahhh as I reflect over the last one hundred posts I think of many things to list a few:
-Chicken! (Nuggets!)
-All the cool kids blog!
And on a more serious note, I think of all the people that have come and gone. Mostly, I think of our youth interns, Cel and Jamies. I'm always excited for a new intern, but I dread having them leave (well mostly!:P) It seems like as soon as you get to know them, they have to go! We're all glad that Jamies is coming back, but tonight marks Cel's last night with us.*Sob, cry cry cry Sob* Cel the minimalist. Our funny slacker. And to Cel, if he's reading this: ALL THE COOL KIDS BLOG! We all love you both!
Anyways, this 100th post represents a new chapter in life. School's pretty much out, summers beginning and we're ready for what summer has to offer! At least I think we are....


  1. awesome post! :D but you know what's stupid? when i log in, on the dashboard it says
    Super Hyper Human Beings;
    107 posts. :S -_- stupid! :P lol oh well! ;)

  2. This IS very good Sunny!
    My dashboard says 108...well cuz Kote blogged! :P hahahaa! I am soo happy! :D LOL!

    Anyway, yah Cel and JTI, I want to thank you guys for all that you did for us. I really enjoyed you guys being there. You were both AMAZING and fun. Cel: VISIT US! JTI: Can't wait til September! :)

    Destiny :)

  3. Ya mine says 109:S Maybe it counts drafts and posts we might have deleted??



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