Thursday, May 27, 2010


<-- Waffle shoes!:P
We had pancakes for supper and as I was looking at the paffle pictures on the bottom of the main page I was struged with a craving for waffles! And I needed to blog so here I am blogging about waffles.
Did you know that theres a least 6 kinds of waffles?
There's an American Waffle: It's made from a batter leavened with baking powder and may be round rectanglur or square in shape. Topped with butter or syrup. Eaten at Breakfeast:)
Belgian or Brussel Waffles: It's made with yeast leavened batter. Often served with confectioners sugar. Regtangular in shape
The liege waffle: It's richer, denser, sweeter and chewier waffle. Has chuncks of pearl which caramelizes on the outside of the waffle.
The Hong Kong style waffle: In Hong Kong it's a called a grid cake. In a round shape with four sections. Served with butter, peanut butter and sugar.
Scandinavian style waffle: Thin and made with a heart shapped waffle iron. Often topped with whipped or sour cream, jam, berries, brown cheese or sugar.
Stroopwafels: There thin waffles filled with syrup. Popular in Belguim. Shaped in a circle.
There you go with all your waffle types! Now go have some waffles! YUMM and thanks to wikipedia!


  1. Jaye-Jaye wants waffle shoes! XD

  2. wow! they look delicious! If I wear those and step in syrup Id eat them HAHA

    I want a pair!!!

  3. eeewwwwww james! :P ;) LOL


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